Police Force and Crime

Police Force and Crime.

Police Force and Crime


Deviance control refers to the police duty of enforcing social rules in order to ensure that all citizens are secure (Dammer & Albanese, 2013). This freedom can only be achieved if all citizens are allowed to enjoy their rights without any form of threat or undue harassment by lawbreakers. On the other hand, civil order control is the responsibility to supervise citizens in any forum where social peace might be interfered with (Dammer & Albanese, 2013). Such platforms may include political meetings or public demonstrations. It is the role of the police to ensure that such actions do not interrupt civil order.


Among the model nations, I believe British have the most effective police force. This is because of the good relation that exists between the police unit and the public making it easier to control crime. Also, there is a little political influence when it comes to implementation of the law.


Due to the difficulty involved in navigating around Japanese streets, Koban buildings are used by police to monitor security within the streets (Zappa, 2015). These posts can greatly reduce crime because the community can easily access them and report security issues thereby making them live more safely. The Koban are spread across all residential areas with thousands of employees and this makes it easier to deal with all bureaucratic cases (Zappa, 2015). The system can equally be successful if adopted by the United States but only if the citizens agree to cooperate with the police unit. The success of this system mainly depends on how citizens respond to the police especially by reporting crimes.



            The major crime issue in Japan is illegal possession of guns whereby criminals use such ammunition to obtain other people’s property by force. This article provides evidence to support this issue by elaborating on Takamaya’s case (CNN, 2010). He was jailed for extorting about forty million Yen, an action that was considered to violate the gun-control law. Japan has already set laws which can be used to vindicate such criminals. This article, therefore, shows how serious this issue is in Japan.


Prosecution and Investigation unit handles such kind of cases (CNN, 2009). This unit is unique in that thorough investigation is done before the woman has been prosecuted and this excludes any possibilities of wrongful persecution.


            The key issue concerning police unit that I believe is important for international policing in the 21st century is brutality. The majority of the citizens fail to report the crime because they consider police to be very brutal. If there are good relations between the police and the public then the crime rate will definitely reduce.

Critical thinking


The fact that undercover police only investigate those parlors that operate illegally makes me perceive that they want to make prostitution legal but only if they follow the stipulated laws. If their intention was to eliminate this practice then all parlors where prostitution is noted should be prosecuted irrespective of whether they are operating legally.



            If a specific practice is considered illegal in other areas, it is equally good for Hong Kong to reconsider its stand because many police units serve a common purpose of protecting citizens.

            Police tactics may vary depending on the set laws of the land but on the other hand, there should be international guidelines which any nation must comply with. This is to ensure unethical practices are not spread to other regions.



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Police Force and Crime

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