Sociology Reflection

Sociology Reflection.

Sociology Reflection Paper

In the world we live in, it is easy for an individual to become blinded and consumed by the idealistic and simple lifestyle that most societies foster. Such happens when one’s mind is not opened up to the situations elsewhere and is more of a concern for individualistic circumstances. The course has been helpful in opening up my mind and instilling perspectives for considering life beyond the normal and beyond the visible. What I have learned is that I should not just accept and acknowledge events as they are, but there is a need to question circumstances, events, and perspectives. One of the important aspects of the entire course is that it gives the individual the tools to analyze personal experiences from a sociological perspective. By having different sociological perspectives, one can study society and challenge the assumptions on its organization and the everyday life. The skills I have gained will enable me to analyze the role of age, class, gender, culture, and sexuality in shaping the experiences of individuals and society.

With the right skills to challenge existing assumptions, the course has been insightful on the need to push beyond the obvious. What is considered obvious is what actually masks the truth, allows misunderstanding and ignorance and creation of binaries such as wrong and right. From what I have learned in this course, society is so fluid and subjective such that there can never be wrong and right in most societal dynamics. As such, the obvious creates an illusion that negatively affects perceptions and creates the way for social injustice, ethnocentrism, and stereotyping. The obvious is actually a social construct that needs to be constantly challenged not just for the individual benefit, but also for helping society understand the truth masked behind these constructs. As a sociology student, the course has expanded my ability to question the obvious and to see beyond the illusion.

The different discussions and working with the teams were helpful in advancing the objectives of the course. Teamwork helps the individual view the same thing from a different perspective and creates the ability to appreciate the ‘different’ as well as the perspectives of others. The teams were actually very helpful to me and I looked forward to working in teams as they expanded my insight and broadened my understanding. What I learned about myself is that I had been blinded by my own perspective on life, a perspective that fell within the ‘obvious.’ The discussions and team work helped me challenge my own percept on society and its dynamics. Having gone outside the class was one of the areas that I looked forward to; this is because it provided the opportunity to put the theory into practice. As one of the shortcomings of the course, I think that there is more focus on social problems than on social solutions. Researching on the social solution paper led to this view as the course is largely structured on analyzing social problems. There should, therefore, be improvements through structuring the course in a way that there is equal weight on both social problems and solutions. Regardless of this, the course has taught me to be more open-minded, curious, and tolerant.

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Sociology Reflection

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