Analysis of Life history Interview

Analysis of Life history Interview.

Analysis of Life history Interview

The interviewee laughs on being asked her name this is a clear indication that preparatory measures had been put in place to ease any sort of tension and was well aware of what the interview was about. Making the interviewee comfortable in an interview session is essential as it helps the interviewee to share their views freely.

The interviewee’s age at sixty-seven years signifies that she has a deep history, political and cultural view of the people of Georgia. This is due to the numerous political and social spheres that have changed over time in Georgia from the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia claiming Georgia as a part of its own and the cultural and religious changes that have taken place as a result of the collapse of a communist regime.

Most Georgians are Orthodox Christians as it is deduced from the interview which signifies that Georgia is a Christian country. However, there are also Muslims in the country who converted from Christianity to Islam due to interactions with the Turkish people who imposed their religion on them. Hence the people of Georgia have some historical ties with the people of Turkey not only in religion but also in some other cultural practices.

The cultural identity of the people of Georgia is in their cuisine ranging from their wines, mineral water, various dishes and traditional folks songs and dances. Such cuisines are what people have identified with them in the world. Also important to their culture are holidays such as the Christian holidays of Easter and Christmas and they also recognize church holidays put to honor saints. New Year’s Day is also widely celebrated especially by the every generation with an older generation having a special tradition they follow to celebrate it.

The interviewee points out that certain cultural changes have taken place especially from the breaking away of the Soviet Union who restricted older generation’s freedom of language, religion, traditions among other practices. Individuals now have freedom of worship and choices of their own traditions and language. The Georgians have also had to deal with the stereotype that associates them with Russia something that they detest being associated with.


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Analysis of Life history Interview

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