Business Major as a Discipline of Study

Business Major as a Discipline of Study.

Business Major as a Discipline of Study

In any academic venture that we choose to undertake, it is imperative that we get keen on whatever we choose. This is because whatever we venture in determines how our future becomes. Therefore, we should be keen even as we try to see to it that we have a good plan for the future. It is in this regard that we ought to be wise in what we major in. Before we make decisions, it is important that we sit down and put our future in the paper, lest our endeavors get deemed as vanity and waste of time. We need to be more that keen as we may choose a discipline in which we like the most. Furthermore, we may be good in a certain discipline, but due to changes in technology, there may be future promises from the discipline. It is to us to decide what we see fit for us in any academic undertaking. Whatever we choose is the determinant of a future. This is to imply that some of these aspects cannot be retracted, but they follow us in all that we do in our academic venture, which is of great interest, is business major.

The business major is an academic discipline that is of great importance in the 21st century. It is one of the disciplines that are considered important in the world that we live. Business, as a discipline, is a subject, which has many other disciplines attached to it. It is also applied to many sectors of our economy. Many sectors that we have today are business oriented. This may be direct or indirect. This is even seen in aspects that are not business related. For instance, we have education as a discipline. It may include other issues, but we have some issues in business tied to them. The business major is a course which is business as the core subject in its venture.

As a discipline, business major is not a sole entity. It is not tied to itself. It has some branches within itself. These make it a discipline, which is worth undertaking. When one ventures into business as a discipline of study, they are open to many other sub-disciplines that are paramount in as much as business is in the limelight (Shoup 8). These entities that are entailed in business make the discipline vast and full of other aspects that are important. It cannot occur as a whole entity. This can tie it as we have major issues that come in the area of business and its venture. In fact, there have been cases where a sub-discipline is made to cater for some issues in business. This adds more to the complexity of business as a major. Therefore, there are many other issues that are tied to the business.

Accounting is one of the disciplines that are linked to business. It forms a major unit in business, as a course of study. It entails aspects such as bookkeeping and dealing with numbers in business. It has all to do with the language used when we have money in question. Accounting is important as it opens one too many career opportunities. It also makes them be well versed in issues to deal with calculations that offer clients valuable information in whatever business venture.

Another discipline that is tied to business as major is finance. It deals with manipulation and interpretation of financial data. It calls for one to be skillful in mathematics, which is a clear indication that math and business go hand in hand. Finance is important as it makes one have the skills of investment. When one takes finance, they learn on how to invest in money, with clear manipulations that make it circulate freely in any venture. Finance helps one have the abilities to work with people and how to budget, seen to it that money is not used in extravagance.

We have yet another field tied to business, which is business management and administration. As the name suggests, it has to do with management and administration. This makes it clear to us that business makes us able to be good managers of both finances and assets in any venture in business (Macbrayne 11-15). It also makes us have the skills to deal with people in the most appropriate manner. These disciplines help us be able to analyze strengths and weaknesses in business. Thus, it enables to be able to go through any maze that may crop up when we are doing any business.

Another major discipline tied to this is sales and marketing. The names also help us in trying to see what this is all about. By taking business as a discipline, we get well equipped with the skills that are important for the transaction of sales, and also marketing. This is a clear indication that we can manipulate goods and services in a manner that is well suited for customer’s use. We also get the skills with which we can advertise products, look for a good market, attach the best prices for goods and services and deal with customers with decorum, in the manner of business operations.

Another discipline tied with business is communication. This is a course of study in business that makes us get able to deal with customers in the most appropriate manner. Language in business is important as it dictates how we communicate with our clients. Having known how to, we can cater for all our business needs.

From the above, it is clear that business major, as an academic discipline, harbors many disciplines. The above are just the major examples, though we have other minor disciplines such as entrepreneurship, real estate, international business among others. This is to mean that business is a course, which can make one, fit in the competitive world that we are living in (Lambert 15). With the future endeavor to engage in sales and marketing, business offers a lot in this venture. It gives the abilities and offers the language, skills and pronounced objectives and goals that are important in the manipulation of goods and services as they are delivered into the competitive market.

In conclusion,  business major is an academic discipline is a subject of study like many others. It forms the backbone of our economy. There are attempts that are being made to see to it that we have advancements in the same,  which enables us to do even butter in that course. This also gives us the reason as to why we should take the discipline of a course of study. Business is life. It opens ways for our future, makes our interaction with the people and the environment a good venture, which is worthwhile. This is to urge all also to venture in the course. For most of us who are of the course, we should work hard as we try to see to see to it that we excel, scaling heights in the competitive world.





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Business Major as a Discipline of Study