Reflection on the use of Infographic

Reflection on the use of Infographic.

Reflection on the use of Infographic

The digital tool used for this paper is the infographic that is a term coined from ‘information’ and ‘graphics.’ Infographics are usually visual and graphical representation of information, knowledge, or data as an approach to the fast and clear representation of this data. The main reason for selecting an infographic as a tool to represent the information is because it not only provides a fast and clear representation of information it represents information in a comprehensible approach. The infographic can be viewed as a development from PowerPoint that presents information in a summation but the infographic is more developed due to its ability to rely more on the visual representation of information. The visual perspective helps to convey the information in a way that sticks in the minds of the reader/viewer and is therefore and effective approach to the presentation of information.

One of the important reasons for using the infographic to represent the information on methamphetamine is so as to emphasize on the negative effects of the drug through the visual elements found in the infographic. The infographic that I constructed for this paper has graphical images on the negative effects of the drug on the recreational and addicted user, and can, therefore, be used to foster a deterrence against the usage of the drug for recreational purposes. The visual elements in the infographics are not only on the effects of the drug on the user but also contain a chart depicting the statistical representation of use and effects within society. The chart used in the infographic contains wide data in a limited area (chart within the infographic). Such information contained in the chart shows the societal effects of the drugs such as deaths, arrests, ER treatments, as well as arrests, and also shows how the statistics have been changing over time. Not only does an infographic help portray the profound effect of the drug in society; it also helps in the representation of the information within a small area.

Another important reason for using an infographic to represent the information from my research is due to the ability of the infographic representation to induce the viewer into thinking beyond the methodology, technology, and design, and focus more on the substance in question. For a drug such as a methamphetamine that has profound negative effects to the user and also the society at large, there is a need to focus the viewer into an in-depth look and critical consideration of the drug. The importance of focusing the viewer on the substance is so as to ensure that society is aware of the negative effects associated with the drug. As such, the infographic can serve as a tool that can drive deterrence on the usage of the methamphetamine drug.

The fact that an infographic helps represent a substantial amount of information in a limited amount of space and in a way that extends knowledge, I used the tool as it is easier and faster to construct rather than presenting the information in a word or powerpoint document. Further, the visual appeal of the tool extends an aesthetic aspect in the delivery of information.

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Reflection on the use of Infographic

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