Is it plausible to create the United States of Africa?

Is it plausible to create the United States of Africa?.

Is it plausible to create the United States of Africa?

One of the reasons behind the formation of the Organization of the African Union was to establish a one United Africa as a single economic and political block with it’s own institutions and constitution. However, since it’s formation in 1963 little has been achieved to promote the unity of the continent. For instance, there has been the inclination of many countries to their colonial masters (Harsch, 2002).  In addition, there have been increased fighting for few resources within individual countries. This has hindered the growth of the union as leaders give little attention to African agenda. Thus, it is not plausible to create the United States of Africa.

There are 53 African countries each having its own constitution, flag and each demarcated by boundaries that have defined their culture. Thus, many African countries tend to look at matters that express their individual ethnic rather than those of a united continent. In recent times many Africans have suffered in the hand of their fellow colleagues in Egypt while on transits to Europe. This demonstrates that the different cultural groupings are not ready for the United States of African. Moreover, there are stronger institutions within African countries that promote distinctiveness and foster nationalism to the detriment of unification of African countries (Schmitz, 2009). The OAU has faced stiff competition from its own member’s states.

The lack of resources to promote the OAU has made it impossible to establish a better and stronger union. This shows that nations states are not ready or are unwilling to support the formation of United States of Africa. The lack of contributions from member states has been made possible by the failure of political leaders to actualize their pledges in support of OAU objectives. In addition, little has been done in research to find the challenges facing the establishment of a United States of Africa. For this reason, there lack enough information to foster a single nationalism agenda across African institutions of learning. Therefore, there is a need for funding to ensure the establishment of a United States of Africa.

African countries are characterised by uncoordinated intra-regional trade and political conflicts (Harsch, 2002). For this reason, it has not been easy promoting a program of establishing a single economic and political block. External and domestic competitions for trade and other interests have sawed the seed of discord among African countries that affect the spirit of oneness (Schmitz, 2009). South Sudan, the newest country in the world was formed to address a history of region sectarianism in Sudan. Nonetheless, the new nation is yet to recover from conflict and is characterised by poor infrastructure ethnic conflict and rampant corruption. These challenges point to the reason why African leaders have challenges addressing a common agenda towards the United States of Africa.

The problem of sectarianism, interference from former colonial masters as well as individualism among African countries hinders the establishment of the United States of Africa. This makes it impossible to form the United States of Africa at the moment. However, more and more countries are becoming sovereign from their colonial masters. Thus, they are liberating themselves from economic exploitation and establishing regional blocks suggesting there might be a unification of the continent in the next 50 years.




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Is it plausible to create the United States of Africa?