United States of Africa

United States of Africa.

United States of Africa

Uniting all African countries is imperative so as to outline development. However, this does not insinuate uniting them under one flag and constitution. Africa is a large continent which has seen some of the nation’s rise to compete with the developed countries while other countries continue to struggle to the constant backlashes and at times bad governance. The United States of America is a nation that has shown the essence of unity under one flag and constitution. This is so as it has lived in such way for a long time, and its citizens understand this type of governance. This is in construct to Africa which is characterized by geographical boundaries conflict. Thus, establishing the United States of Africa could be risky and ultimately because of challenges affecting the continent.

Governance in some African countries is riddled with issues of dictatorship and rigging of elections making headlines in the recent past. Some long serving rulers try to invoke constitutional provisions that suit their needs and perpetuate their stay in power (Gwaambuka, 2018). There is a huge test in trying to unite all the nations under a flag and constitution. There are long serving leaders such as Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Paul Biya of Cameroon who does not relent to let go off the power. It will be hard to completely get a government that dictatorial leaders will be willing to comply and give up their dominance. The issues of dictatorship and bad governance may end up affecting Africa as a whole rather than in individual countries.

It is unadvisable to unite African nations into a single nation under one flag and constitution since it may result in more divisions. Some African countries have split or encountered turmoil due to political upheavals. A few years ago, Sudan split into two independent nations resulting into the formation of South Sudan simply because some ethnic leaders wanted to rule their bases and believed that only by creating a new nation would address their grievances. Africa is divided into many states and trying to unite the people may further create more uprising. A united Africa may offer a sign of progress and development, but it may cause divisions and hardships before it achieves any growth.

Africans constantly feel like they are singled out by the western media.  Thus, it is hard for African countries to fully accept the idea of uniting like the United States of America (Adekoya, 2013). Africans will continuously have the unguided notion that acting like the Western nation amount to surrendering over power. Consequently, any kind of western influence stroke a feeling of modern colonialism. It is hard to completely convince Africans on the need to unite since they will want to outline their independence and show their ability as independent, autonomous nations.

It is imperative to understand that the formation of United States of Africa would offer a good share of progress. However, it would present the continent with a hard time trying to change from one system governance to another and effectively make it work. The constant disagreement of border line also impedes the formation of a united continent. Therefore, broadening the political base would not be easy. Moreover, persistent stay of power by dictators works against fostering the agenda of unifying the African nation under one flag and constitution.




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United States of Africa