A Meeting at Romanian Orthodox Church

A Meeting at Romanian Orthodox Church.

A Meeting at Romanian Orthodox Church

The meeting took place on 19 March 2016 at Romanian Orthodox Church in the afternoon from 2 pm to 4.30 pm. This was an anonymous meeting for alcoholics where all people recovering from alcohol addiction meet and embrace the journey together to keep each other strong. The church has provided a conducive environment where these individuals meet, interact, share the challenges in the journey of recovery, and encourage one another in their quest to recover fully from alcoholism. From my observation, all the people who attended this meeting desire and aim to stop drinking in all circumstances.

I learned from the attendant that they went to this meeting, with fears and doubts on whether it would add any value in their life. This is because they had struggled for many months trying to recover from alcoholism, which they did not succeed. For instance, I have to know that most of the attendants were advised by friends and families to join the group. At first, they were hesitant, but right after the first meeting, they did not regret at all. The meetings have challenged the addict to be better persons as they fight alcoholism in their life. They thought that people would judge them and discriminate them for being alcoholic as it had happened to others addicts on various occasions, but this was not the case here. In the meeting, all alcoholics appreciate and encourage one another in ways, which I could never think of. They have learned that it is important not to judge others instead; people should listen to their stories first and help them to get out of the ditched they have been trapped.

I learned various things during the meeting. To start with, I realized that alcoholic’s addict should acknowledge that they have a problem and then they should get the help that is needed for recovery. Acceptance is a key thing in the journey of recovery. Secondly, I saw many of the followers who have accepted their situation, and willing to change for good. Though they lived in denial and pushed everyone out of their life, they met a group that understood them as they. This was a great source of encouragement, and they vowed not to look back. Further, they learned that they should stop fighting back the right people in their life and live in denial at all time. In fact, they should come out and embrace change for all the right reasons. What impressed me most was that the moderator of the meeting was a fully recovered alcoholic and was willing to help the patients continue with their recovery journey. All the participants of the meeting had positive energy, and everyone had acquired a nickname that members of the group identified them with. Additionally, all the attendees had a positive mind that enabled them to remain focused on the pieces of advice and the stories that were shared in the meeting.

However, I was very surprised to see how people come together and seek help instead of facing the alcoholism addiction alone. Most people in the meeting openly shared that they have been struggling and that they brought themselves there without being forced by anyone, and I wondered how they managed to make this crucial step. From the 12-step recovery, I learned that the patients should openly admit that they are powerless when it comes to alcohol and make a decision to fight the addiction. The most important thing that they should realize is that they should seek God’s guidance on the journey to recovery.


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A Meeting at Romanian Orthodox Church

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