Evidence of the Class System Theory in the Film Iraq for Sale

Evidence of the Class System Theory in the Film Iraq for Sale.

Evidence of the Class System Theory in the Film Iraq for Sale

The class system theory plays in the Greenwald film in some ways. To begin with, the conflict created between America and Iraq presents an opportunity for American corporations to enrich themselves. The corporations failed to effectively implement the contracts they had been awarded in protecting the civilians and the army. The corporations (Blackwater, K.B.R.-Halliburton, CACI and Titan) had close links with the top government officials in the USA government which seemed like a ploy to swindle government resources (Greenwald, 2006). From the film, it is evident that the dominant class in the society influence government policymakers to ensure that they fulfill their interests. Evidently, the state act by the interests of the dominant class in the state.

Moreover, the move by the U.S. to invade Iraq was encouraged by economic and political interests. The conflict provided an opportunity for the dominant class in the U.S. to exploit Iraq economically. The system class theory states that the rich capitalist nations start a conflict with the aim of exploiting the least developed countries (Marx et al., 1959). The dominant countries use their strong political and military power to secure economic interests in the least developed countries. The U.S applied that case.

The critiques of the class system theory will argue that the developed countries play a significant role in economic development of the least developed countries in the world. The critiques also argue that the System theory fails to account for the role of economic strategies adopted by least developed on their development (Marx et al., 1959). Moreover, the critique argues that the class system theory has failed to account for the development of the newly industrialized countries that were once underdeveloped. For instance, China, Singapore, Brazil, India, and others have significantly developed as a result of capitalism.



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Evidence of the Class System Theory in the Film Iraq for Sale

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