Islam: What The West Needs to Know

Islam: What The West Needs to Know.

Islam: What The West Needs to Know

The film “Islam: What The West Needs to Know” present the Islamic faith as a violent religion that seeks to conquer and dominate the earth by imposing the faith through violence to the non-Muslims. To justify that the religion is violent some arguments are made. One of the arguments is that the Quran teaches that there is no God but Allah and Mohammad (Davis and Daly). This teaching encourages the Muslims to use violence to impose their religion to the non-Muslims. However, the Muslims argue that is a propagandist approach intended to create an impression that the Muslims are violent.

Secondly, the film argues the word Jihad to mean struggle. Consequently, the Muslims use struggle (violence) to impose Allah’s will to the non-Muslim (Davis and Daly). The film regards Jihad as a holy war intended to force Allah’s will on the non-Muslims hence justifying the nature of violence associated with the Muslim religion.

Thirdly, the film argues that the Muslim try to divide the earth into two parts which are Dar al-Islam (House of Peace/ Land of Muslim) and Dar al- Harb (land of non-Muslims) (Davis and Daly). Therefore, the Muslims use violence to undermine other religions in the land of non-Muslims. Moreover, the film argues that the Islamic faith is more than a religion. The faith controls all aspects of life from religion, politics, and marriage to personal life (Davis and Daly). Everything in life is done according to the Islamic law, which is intended to extend the domination of the religion on the earth.

The various arguments made by the film are contradicting with how the Muslims interpret their faith. Most of the arguments presented are intended to create a negative impression about the Muslim religion across the world.




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Islam: What The West Needs to Know

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