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Selective Perception

This entails what individuals perceive that they want while ignoring opposing viewpoints. The Gaffneys’ lives changes when their new neighbors arrive. The Gaffneys feel like these new neighbors are more than just their stunning looks and thus believes there is a story behind their worldly sophistication. The couple plays the role of a suburban couple, who sent their kids away camping and have to live their lives alone, bored and dealing with how they have changed. The Joneses, on the other hand, seem like the perfect couple, and their neighbors hold this thought about them. This portrays the thought of selective perception, the neighbors choose the picture or thought they want to have the Joneses and sticks with it. Jeff wants to be friends with the dashing Tim Jones, while his wife feels like the couple is hiding something and thus keeps following Natalie Jones. The husband feels like they are a perfect couple while the wife feels they are keeping a secret.


The Joneses have their motives when approaching the Gaffneys; their cultural aspects are seen when the two men go out for a Chinese lunch in a place that specializes in offering and serving freshly killed snakes. This shows their cultures in the type of food they eat. They also show the idea of family and living together. The Joneses are supposed to be a happy and loving couple showing the perception of culture. Marriage is the central theme in the movie as it concentrates on two couples with issues. The Gaffneys at one time invites the Joneses to a neighborhood party they refer to as ‘junetoberfest’ showing another example of culture.


The film has a sense of humor and requires one to be attentive. However, it is easy to understand, the couple Tim and Natalie are used to listening to each other and understanding each other without having to stipulate every word. The film is people oriented; it starts with the Gaffneys talking to their neighbors who have sold their house to a couple which did not even see the house at the time. Later when Tim and Natalie arrives, Karen goes to talk to them, and her husband brings a gift to the new couple trying to understand them.


The film has a diverse view to different people. In the beginning, the Gaffneys find the new couple attractive and dashing. However, Karen finds Natalie sneaking around and starts doubting her. Therefore, the issue of perception arises, as to what they think about this couple and the message the movie is supposed to send about the overall goal of the movie. The Joneses are a couple in the middle of a crisis but they act like a complete and happy couple. One cannot see their stories simply by judging on how they behave and react.

Nonverbal Cues

During the party, Natalie manages to distract the guards at MBI, and Tim interprets this and sneaks in and goes through Jeff’s computer. Natalie at some other instant plays dart while Tim sneaks around. However, Tim is caught by Karen, but he acts surprised arguing that he was lost looking for a bathroom.


This refers to the ideas that a person has about him or herself. The Joneses regard to themselves as efficient spies and do not think that they will be caught while spying on their neighbors. Karen on the other hands believes that the Joneses have secrets and she has a belief that she cannot be wrong on such a thing. She is right, as she finally discovers that the Joneses have been spying on them.

Blind Pane

The Joneses and the Gaffneys alike, have questions and thus they use the dinner meeting to question each other and try to gather more information. The Joneses tries to question the Gaffneys so that they can get more information to use for their spying activities. On a separate occasion, Tim tries to question Jeff at the Chinese restaurant hoping he would spill information that would be essential for his investigations.

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