Audience Analysis Memo and a Follow-up Letter

Audience Analysis Memo and a Follow-up Letter.

Audience Analysis Memo and a Follow-up Letter





The purpose of this memo is to present my gratifications of the advertisement you made through the internet that your company is recruiting information technology interns as from 5th June to 10th August 2017. Am requesting your organization to reserve vacancy for me since I will be on my long holiday vacation.


I am very glad for your advertisement that you made on the website that your organization is recruiting an IT intern in health plan the coming summer. I am eager and hoping you will consider my application for this position and give me a chance to put the concept learned in class in practice. I think this is my greatest chance to be in the field, which I am compassionate and interested in.


Having studied for three years in my undergraduate course in information technology, I believe I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills in the field that could make a great change in various sectors in the society. I am much interested in practicing my career in the healthcare organizations. This is because I see a huge gap that utilization of IT system can help meet the mission and goals of reducing the burden of care. I am quite knowledgeable in health care system management. Moreover, my undergraduate research revolves the utilization of information technology to necessitate service delivery in the health sector in the US.

I have vast of knowledge in information technology, which can be very fundamental during my intern period. I am knowledgeable in monitoring the existing networks, maintaining the network systems, troubleshooting, database management, and addressing any other computer issues. I am also knowledgeable in software installing and assisting practitioners with new computer software and hardware information.


I would like to request for an appointment before the actual recruitment day. This will enable me to explain my qualifications in details and brief me on the responsibilities attached for the internship duration.







Follow up Letter

6924 Flatbush Ave,

Brooklyn, NY 11231

February 26, 2017.


Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

P.O. Box 22999

Rochester, NY 14692.

Dear Sir/ Madam

Thank you for finding time to read my follow-up letter and for giving me a chance to express my interest for an IT intern position in your organization.

I take gratitude for having a chance to showcase my expertise the last time you interviewed.

We discussed at length of the benefit that I would bring to your organization an IT intern specialist. I find it prudent to inform you that I have covered most of what you require of me in my last two year in college. I will bring with me technical and analytical skills required to easy document transfer and storage as well as offer necessary training to the nurses and other caregivers.

In addition, I have good interpersonal skills since I joined university I have interacted well with my lecturers, fellow students, and subordinate staffs. I have worked as a part-time employee of Doshi Diagnostic in New York where my responsibilities were policy planning and implementation, network and system security and risk assessment and impact analysis.

I am the person who if given a chance would works diligently under minimum supervision. I am a student who is eager to learn, so I will be glad to acquire more from your organization and take guidance and correction from my seniors in good faith.

I am eagerly waiting to offer my expertise as soon as possible, and I look forward hearing from you. Please, you can contact me at your convenient for further clarification. My mobile contact is (0000)2223333.

Thank you for consideration.

Yours sincerely




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Audience Analysis Memo and a Follow-up Letter

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