Community Corrections

Community Corrections.

Community Corrections

Case A

The conditions are necessary for the probation granted in the case of An include, paying restitutions to cover for losses suffered by the victim. Moreover, the person should be obliged to regularly report to a probation officer to assess obedience to the law and the rehabilitation process. The person should also be ordered to refrain from drug use and accept regular drug tests. In addition, the person should be restricted from traveling outside the state with the authorization of the probation officer.

  • The person should be on probation for one The one-year period is sufficient to assess his conduct.

Case B

Conditions that are fit for the person in case B include, refraining from the use of excessive alcohol and other drugs, and submitting for drug tests on two months intervals. The person should also be made to obey all laws including traffic and other minor laws. Meeting with the probation officer at regular intervals of two months. The person should also be restricted from traveling outside the state without the permission of his probation officer.

  • The length of the probation period for the person in case B should be one year owing to several cases he had been convicted with previously.

Case A: Thomas User

Risks that are associated with Thomas include drug addiction, mental disorders, and general body wellness due to being underweight. Moreover, Thomas may develop psychological disorders due to sexual harassment and suffer from STIs. His needs include rehabilitation from drugs use, counseling to help him overcome sexual abuse and health care to intervene deplorable health condition. The goal of rehabilitation is to impede continuous drug use while psychiatric counseling would heal emotional trauma from sexual abuse. Nutritional intervention through following a nutrition routine would help him stabilize his health condition. Cognitive behavioral therapy will help to instill positive behaviors in the offender (Bonta, and Andrews 6).

Case B: Ms. Diaz

Her risks include being jailed for forgery and failure to pay restitution. She needs to include a well-paying job, financial assistance, and emotional support. The main three problems include raising her child, dropping her fraudulent behavior and having unreliable boyfriend and child’s father. A well-paying job can help her rise above her challenges. Emotional and social support would help her raise her child well (Bonta, and Andrews 6).



Works Cited

Bonta, James, and Andrews. D. A. Risk-Need-Responsively Model for Offender Assessment and Rehabilitation. Public Safety Canada, 2007, Accessed 19 Feb. 2017.


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Community Corrections