Evaluating an Advertisement Message

Evaluating an Advertisement Message.

Evaluating an Advertisement Message

The intended message of this advertisement is to sensitize the public on the need to switch off power in a bid to mitigate global warming by reducing electricity pollution. The advertisement wants the public to understand that a simple effort such as switching off power can help to save the ecosystem from effects of global warming. The advertisement also want the public to understand that even the animals/ecosystem suffers from the subtle recklessness of the public an example being failure to switch off power.

Pathos allows the author to evoke emotions from the audience in an attempt to make them understand a message better (“Ethos, Pathos, and Logos Definition and Examples”).The emotions evoked by the advertisement is that the penguins are suffering as a result of global warming which is perpetuated by things like electricity pollution. The mother penguin is making an effort to switch off power which is left on by the owner. Despite having weak forelimbs, the mother penguin is trying to cater for the insufficiencies of human beings who have cognitive capacity to understand need of switching off power and physical ability to switch the power off.  The young penguin is wearing a face of dismay which indicates weakness and suffering that it is going through. The suffering and the weakness could be as a result of hunger and destruction of their living habitat. The body of the young penguin is different from that of its mother indicating that the effects of climatic change have affected the natural life of the animals. The whole body of the young penguin is white except on the back of the head unlike its mother that has a black back and a white front color.

The advert has an appeal to logic. Global warming has greatly contributed to melting of sea-ice, which is the natural habitat of the penguin (Saraux 204). Destruction of the penguins’ natural habitat has exposed the penguins to adverse climatic conditions to the detriment of their survival. Moreover, the adverse climatic conditions have affected the sources of food for the penguins contributing to hunger and decline in the number of penguins. Electricity pollution is one of the factors that contribute to the global warming. Aquatic life is the major recipient of the adverse effects of global warming. The advert is depicting a penguins taking action to mitigate agents of global warming; meaning that aquatic life is suffering as a result of the effects of global warming and the penguins are part of aquatic life. Therefore, the advert makes a logical appeal to its target audience.

The intended target audience for the advertisement message is the young people between the ages of 13-22 years. The youth in this age bracket have the propensity of misusing power by failing to switch it off. Additionally, the youth in this age bracket are entertainment enthusiast and they use laptops, televisions and music systems for entertainment. In most cases they leave the electronics running without switching them off or switching power off which in turn leads to electricity pollution.

The message communicated effectively to its intended audience since most of the youth in the age bracket are enthusiasts of art and creativity. Therefore, the youths in the age bracket are acquainted with entertainment arts thus have the capacity to disseminate and interpret creatively designed art messages. Furthermore, the target audience hence they can relate well with the message mostly uses electricity in homes.

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Evaluating an Advertisement Message

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