Home based micro business (snow shovelling)

Home based micro business (snow shovelling).

Home based micro business (snow shovelling)

For this project, you will be writing many of the Business Plan components for a new Home-Based Micro-business of your own creation.
You will be working from your home or vehicle and will have no site expenses (rent, heat, telephone etc.) for the business.
your business will be service with major costs related to physical product.
you will be the only employee of the business.
your start-up capital will be a maximum of $20,000.

12 font size.
complete sentences (heading optional) in the order of this outline.
cite all sources with footnotes.

The Business Plan, Section1: Concept
Products and services: Describe the products and/or services you will offer. (2 sentences or one)
The customers: Describe the customers groups you will be targeting. (2 sentences)
The opportunity: identify circumstances or events that have led to a need that your business intends to satisfy. be clear on why now is a good time to start a business such as this (1-3 sentences.)
The legal organization: identify the legal form of the business{sole or corporation}. Explain your reasons for this legal set-up. (1-3 sentences.)
The Business Plan, Section 2: Feasibility
Market potential: clearly Define the market potential that You will be estimating. in other words, you will be calculating the annual expenditures of which group of potential customer (who) on what product or services? (1 sentence)
list all the relevant data that you have gathered, indicating the sources and estimate the market potential, explaining your calculations. (4-10 sentences/lines)
Competition: name, locate and briefly describe any direct competitors that you will have to deal with. (2-5 sentences)
briefly describe any indirect competition that you will have to deal with. (1-2 sentences)
The Business Plan, Section 3: Marketing
Pricing: outline the pricing strategy that you will be using and explain how it fits in with the rest of your marketing mix. (2-4 sentences)
Distribution: explain where your business fits into any chain of distribution. (1-3 sentences)
Promotion: describe the specific means you will use to promote the business explaining the reasons for your choices{ words from mouth not included} (4-6 sentences)


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Home based micro business (snow shovelling)