How Cultural Studies Contributes to Critical Thinking

How Cultural Studies Contributes to Critical Thinking.

How Cultural Studies Contributes to Critical Thinking

Cultural studies, by all means, possible contributes to critical thinking. Through critical thinking, citizens and students are allowed to form rational judgments on various issues and as a result, contribute to obtaining solutions to the problems in a democratic manner. In the words of Aristotle, logical thinking with the absence of upright orientation and moral purpose has little value in contributing to a superior level of education in the society. Without a doubt, we live in an ever-changing world where people’s lifestyles and values are continuously being replaced with new things. The changes can be attributed to technological changes, scientific inventions, and globalization. Therefore, it is essential that students be taught to become critical thinkers to cope with the evolving world.

It is crucial to understand that being fluent in historical events, cultures, and traditions enables students to understand the changes that are happening and plan through critical thinking. Also, being fluent in history helps students think critically in an era of rapid changes and contribute to not only their community but also the entire global society. As the study of history contributes to critical thinking, not knowing history contributes to un-critical thinking. For example, studying popular culture enables a student to examine his/her culture about that of others from different perspectives such as historical, anthropological, and geographical perspectives. Also, studying history across different cultures promotes a political approach to cultural issues and places emphasis on developing critical thinking on matters such as ethnicity, gender, nation, and class.

There is a delusion among American that the country has a white majority. Therefore, they are entitled to hold the senior-most positions in government and other corporate organization. However, studying history and specifically cultural studies can help an individual understand that America is a racially diverse country due to patterns of original settlement, colonization, forced migration, and other factors. For example, studies have proven that African-Americans have some European ancestors. Therefore, understanding history can help such individuals understand the cultural diversity of America to enable them to make informed decisions.


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How Cultural Studies Contributes to Critical Thinking

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