How It Would Feel To Be Blind and Deaf

How It Would Feel To Be Blind and Deaf.

How It Would Feel To Be Blind and Deaf

Losing sight and the ability to hear at the same time is a great blow to one’s life. In fact, a situation difficult to handle since one cannot hear what people are saying neither can you see what is around you. Personally, being deaf and blind at the same time can be frustrating. The only thing that I can depend upon is the sense of touch. For instance, when sitting, I would have to touch on the furniture in a bid to tell which one is a table and which one is a coach. Moreover, walking especially in busy places would be quite disturbing since it is hard to hear or see what is ahead. In addition, crossing a road or maneuvering through a congested street would be a nightmare since I cannot tell when there is a vehicle hooting or a person speaking to me. The chances of losing life are very high in such circumstances especially when there is no one to assist.

Being deaf and blind frustrating because one would have to do without the pleasant of worldly experiences. Furthermore, it would be a great loss to lose the ability to share amazing conversation, jokes, experiences, and laughter with friends. Actually, it would be very disturbing to lose the ability to express myself before others, to interact effectively and enjoy other people’s compliments towards me. Also, the health challenge would limit my chance to enjoy beautiful voices especially songs, recited poems, and comedies. Also, my engagement with friends and family would be limited, which would limit my happiness.

Without the ability to see, it would be stressful to miss the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenes of the world. Essentially, it would even be better if I were born both blind and deaf since would not know how the world looks like, how a person looks and other things. Thus, being blind would leave me in darkness for the rest of my life having well lived a normal life. Indeed, it would be the same as having a blank mind where I know and have nothing to relate to.

Furthermore, for me being deaf and blind would make me have a lonely life since I would not perceive or realize when a person is consoling or is expressing affections towards me. Thus, it would be painful to live an imperfect life where I would not shout, run, or express emotions effectively. In my view, my life would rely on memory. For instance, I would be forced to commit to memory where place items, locations of my destination in the house and how and where to perform such basic chores as bathing and laundry. Moreover, the condition would require of me to be more organized and systematic since forgetting where a certain item is would be outlandish. For instance, it can be very stressing trying to locate a misplaced item for hours especially when there is no one to offer assistance.

Despite the condition, I would put up a positive attitude. I would accept my position and utilize my strengths to live a happy life. I would also try to maintain a helpful partner to assist me when I require help, especially when in tackling challenging activities.


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How It Would Feel To Be Blind and Deaf

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