Population Health-Focused Roles

Population Health-Focused Roles.

Population Health-Focused Roles

Population-focused roles authorized by nurse practice act include family-centered health care, neonatal health care, pediatric and primary pediatric health care. For instance, family-centered care/ across lifespan centered care comprises the provision of preventive health care, treatment of acute and chronic illness, diagnosis, and assessment across the lifespan of a family. On the other hand, neonatal healthcare involves providing healthcare services to infants, neonates, and children of up to two years. Further, pediatric nursing encompasses caring for children with chronic and complex acute illnesses between pediatric age and young adulthood while primary pediatric care involves nurses with in-depth skills and knowledge caring for children with common pediatric acute illnesses and chronic conditions. Essentially, the children have to be between the pediatric age and young adulthood. In addition, there are similarities between the population-focused roles that include the care for common, acute, and chronic conditions for adults at the family level and young age. Therefore, their roles are different in the way they are executed since one focuses the family level while the others focus neonates and pediatrics.

Barriers to Practice of the Roles

Implementation of the roles is faced with a myriad of challenges. One of the barriers is the communal conviction that well-being is a personal concern. Moreover, most individuals have personal doctors, which prompt them not to support population health-focused activities. This affects the practice of the family-centered care and the pediatric healthcare services. Also, political barriers impede the practice of the population-focused roles. For example, some political policies call for interdepartmental and inter-sectorial collaboration in the implementation of the roles. Thus, the intertwined collaboration slows down execution of the practices at the family and all pediatric levels. Also, certain departments and sectors fail to put their weight behind the practice in a timely and reliable manner.


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Population Health-Focused Roles