Black People

Black People.

Black People

The population of the black people in the U.S has become less more so in the job market as other communities are excelling in the media and entertainment industry. Black people mostly feature in shorting of negative movies, more presence on the internet or even video games casinos This makes white communities control powerful positions in society that have influence in decisions makings especially in the media and other organizations. Therefore, the black community in the US has been victimized and most of it members are a victim of police brutality.

In 2015, police killed almost 102 black American who were unarmed. Stephen Towson, a school bus driver, was murdered in a crash by a police officer responding to a domestic call on 11/12/15. However, no officers have ever been charged with the offense for killing Stephen. Also, Trayvon Martin an African-American high school student was shot dead on the night of February 26, 2012. The officer who shot him, Officer Zimmerman was charged with murder, but he was later acquitted because he acted on the grounds of the self-defense. Nonetheless, the officer was trialed with having being involved with Trayvon.

Black Americans have been associated with criminal activities necessitated by increased abuse and influence of substances. For instance, when Trayvon was killed, it was reported that he had traces of weed in his system and it made him uncooperative to Officer Zimmerman who shot him. All the media could do was to publish photos of the officer who was in charge showing cuts and scratches he obtained in the confrontation with the victim. However, this is not the truth because it is not justifiable to kill when the life of the office is not threatened. Therefore, the attack against black men is a profiled habit among the justice system.

A detective who was on duty because he was out of the house by one in the morning shot Rekia Boyd, 22. This shows that there lack freedom for African American in the US. Rekia was on the street with friends when she met her death. Bakari Kitwanaa a manager of rap sessions in Westlake, Ohio claims that issues about black persons that do not portray stereotypes and does not involve celebrities. He also characterized African American as being criminalized in a different way such as job options are limited to black Americans especially amongst the job bracket age, which was not the case in the previous generations. Thus, the military has become a way of impoverishing black people because once they get the service they give up their demand for college degree making them vulnerable once they retire.

The Society publishes a wide range of new, but disregard issues on the lives of the black people. This biased is occasioned by the decision of the white only stakeholders in the company. Moreover, a study that was conducted by RTDNA together with the Hofstra University illustrated how the percentage of black men in the media industry had increased from the 25.9% to 34.4% in the year 1990. However, there was a decline in some black men employed in radio.

Emma Adams from Northwestern University discovered in research that young people in the university who were either ethical or racial minority and who experienced discrimination report different levels of cortisol all day than those with lower discrimination. Those who are discriminated have high levels at evening and a declined level at the daytime. Cortisol is an increase of body hormones those cause one to be tired and stressed. It is a hormone that regulates metabolism cells and stress within the body. Adams also said that less cortisol during the day could result in fatigue, mental health, and heart diseases. Thus, the effect of racism can lower self-esteem even when one is trying to sleep. Consequently, it has caused black people to get a low average hour sleep per night than white people, which has an impact on black people daily performance. Adam’s attributes this scenario to racial discrimination and the increased vigilance it causes—affecting sleep hours, sleep quality, and sleep architecture (the structure and pattern of sleep).

Other studies have found similar differences in sleeping between black and white. It has been found that white people sleep in on average of 8 hours per night while black sleep 7 hours. Therefore, whites sleep more for uninterrupted time than blacks do. Because of the importance of sleep to the human body, the significant difference in sleep quality means that over time black people are much more susceptible to greater fatigue, lower self-esteem, increased depression, and disruptions. As a result, of this blacks develop weakened immune functioning, increased inflammation, increased obesity, diabetes, heart problems, increased risk of unsafe driving and accidents, slowed reaction times, and impaired attention, and memory.

Racism can be so harmful both mentally and physically to those affected either young or old, yet not much have been done about it. Physical health, racism can shorten the lives of the people. Like in a study, which was done in the US found out that, discrimination increases the rates of deaths among black Americans in comparison to whites. On average black person in America have registered a high level of suffering depression, stress, and even heart attack diseases, which is linked with high discrimination they, experience.

Discrimination of  African American has been associated with ill mental health in the community. For instance, in a Dutch study, it was found out that 4074 person who was victims of discrimination developed psychotic disorders in next three years. Thus, subjecting black American to racism increases the risk of people suffering from depression, anxiety, and anger. Moreover, the effect of depression and anger contribute to such other ailment like high blood pressure. Even if researchers seek to address issues of racial profiling among ethnic minorities, the lack of care and discrimination worsen the situations among black people.

Camara Jones report shows statistics on how both black and white men think about their race status in a day. In her work, he pointed out that black men are highly affected by their race background. She said that 50% of the black men worry about their race background once in a day. She also argued that 22% of the population think about their race and color all day of their life. On the other hand, their white counterparts have less concern about their race, and hence they do not have more to worry while carrying their day-to-day activities. These statistics help in explaining the high level of mental health among the black people.

Most black men in the United States have constantly been viewed as dangerous people, and this perception has been there for a long period. Therefore, the stereotyping of black people has made it possible for the society to criminalize every black man in the United States. Although this has happened, it has gone down in the history that some black men have been involved in criminal activities like the way Michael Brown testified in Ferguson.

Most African-Americans are jobless because employers turn them away due to incompetence. In the year 2011, a study on media representation showed that negative portrayal of black people in the media have caused and can be linked to the low level of life expectancy among the black population. Whites people more than blacks are given a lot of appreciation in the media. For example, white individuals dominate in sports and music industry because of their exposure, which blacks do not have.

White people have never learned the ways of black people, but believe and embrace what the media write about. This is contrary to the few white people who have been brought up in minority communities. Thus, the media being a channel of communication need to be used effectively not to disposition a certain group of people from the truth negatively. In most cases, black people are sidelined due to being prejudged or being misunderstood by the society. The few achievements, which are attributed to the black people, are not enough to offset the failures of black men. Therefore, to bring about change, the media need to educate its editors, news anchors and other journalist to start listening to the best part of the black men. This will help in removing the obstacles and challenges present in the lives of the black men.

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Black People