Company Fails-Fair Employment Test

Company Fails-Fair Employment Test.

Company Fails-Fair Employment Test

Question One

Parental discrimination was the grounds for this case as opposed to a federally protected class. This is because Lockwood was discriminated on the grounds of being a parent. As a result, she was offered a lesser pay of $25000 and 5% as compared to her fellow sales ladies who were not parents. Commonly, sales people with no children were offered a $45000 salary and a commission of 10%. Henceforth, she was dismissed from her job after she requested to take her sick child for a medical check-up. Thus, there is discrimination based on sex since the notion that caregiver women cannot produce the maximum in their duties is sex-based. Lastly, women with a caregiving responsibility are discriminated in their place of work, and that amounts to discrimination based on sex.

Question Two

To avoid the problem, Professional Neurological Services should have adopted an employment program that takes into account the needs of both workers with and without children. Moreover, the program should be flexible to allow workers to choose terms that best suit their availability depending on their parenting duties. According to UC Hastings College of the Law, cafeteria benefit style program can work best for companies whose workers have parenting responsibilities (2017). Therefore, through the program, workers can select a benefit program that best suit their respective needs and limits as dictated by their family needs. Consequently, the issue of discrimination is eliminated through such a program, and that ensures that all workers are treated fairly. Despite the program offering different benefits, workers will be aware of the existence of such differences. Legal issues and discrimination will be eliminated when working with such a program since everyone is aware of them.

Question Three

The company should focus on adopting new recruitment technology to limit costs incurred in printing and time spent going through manual applications to hold down the human resource costs. Furthermore, the company should focus on talent management to get the best talent that fit in different positions. Evidently, quality talents ensure a competitive advantage in the face of stiff competition. Quality talents will enhance creativity and innovation in the company hence reducing costs and improving production levels. Additionally, the company should have a clear understanding of the different laws governing employment and compensation of employees to minimize and avoid high costs because of legal suits. In addition, the company should develop employment programs that fit different groups of workers to minimize being at loggerheads with the employees and the set employment regulations. That will help eliminate discrimination and increase productivity.



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Company Fails-Fair Employment Test

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