Steve Jobs Graduation Speech

Steve Jobs Graduation Speech.

Steve Jobs Graduation Speech

Steve Jobs talk to the graduate about his life, which he narrates in three stories. In all the stories, he was trying to pass the message that ‘hard work pays.’ For him, he never had a chance to finish his college education, but all along, he was learning and hoping for a better tomorrow. It is clear that Jobs was a master of his dreams no matter the unending uncertainty in his life. Jobs message was useful to me in building and managing my career.

I came to learn a few things I never knew before from Steve Job speech. He informed the students to follow their heart always and trust that it leads them to a nice place. Jobs dropped out of Reed College because his adoptive parents struggle to pay for his expensive school. Moreover, he did not have any idea of what he wanted with his life, and he did not get how college would help him figure that out. One of the worst things that happen to him was his dismissal from Apple, a decade after co-founding the company. After that he founded NeXT and Pixar met his wife, things that could not have happened if he was never fired from his company. From this, I learn that in our adversaries people get even the unexpected outcomes.

I agree with the premise that Jobs share of his life experiences and from them we see the successful ending. From him, we learn of endurance and perseverance. For instance, Job had challenges, but he never allowed anything drown out his inner voice. As he finished his speech, he wished for the graduates what he would have wished for himself “stay hungry stays foolish” advising them always to pursue their interest to realize their life desires.

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Steve Jobs Graduation Speech

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