According to Gregory (154), man is a wanting animal

According to Gregory (154), man is a wanting animal.

According to Gregory (154), man is a wanting animal

  1. Need Satisfaction

According to Gregory (154), man is a wanting animal. At any given time, man has a couple of need that he/she wishes to be satisfied, and they do not end until death. The human needs are grouped in levels of important; the most important needs are the one that comes on top of the other less important needs. Satisfaction of a person need is not a motivating factor; these are because some of the need satisfied to occupy the lowest level of rank of needs. However, some of the needs satisfied such as safety are a motivating factor. If management assures its employee with the security of various burning issues, the management would be motivating its employees indirectly.

  1. Human Side of Enterprise

The human side of enterprise is incorporating management knowledge in industries and organization to realize economic prosperity and be able to counteract technology and scientific dream and make realistic working places. In addition, the human side of enterprises has been used recently to provide knowledge used in exploiting physical sciences and innovation to improve the life of humanity. Furthermore, the human side of enterprises has made it possible to utilize of social sciences, incorporated with physical science in making the human organizations working effectively and efficiently. Therefore, including social sciences in enterprises will lead to a remarkable growth of industries in few decades to come. Social sciences enable an organization to focus on achieving their goals in a cost-effective manner and avoid costly non-effective and focusing on nonrealistic goals (McGregor 153).

  1. Obstacles of Theory Y

Theory Y explains the recent managerial strategy that entails managing workers assuming their nature and motivation. Nonetheless, the theory faces many obstacles. The main obstacle imposed by the conventional approach of organization theory and scientific management theory. People rely too much on these two approaches in the past decades. This led to limited job and difficulties in exploiting individual capability. The approaches have encouraged laziness and decreased meaning for work thus workers are grouping up together to form an industrial organization which becomes a threat to effective management (McGregor 156). These industrial organizations they are fighting for self-satisfactions and unrealistic ideas.


Work Cited

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According to Gregory (154), man is a wanting animal

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