American Experience

American Experience.

American Experience

Space Men

The first astronauts to reach the space were John Gleen and Alan Shepard in 1961 and 1962 respectively. Many American may recognize these two as their hero for their extraordinary contribution to the astronomy. After watching the spacemen, we were able to see what pertained to their bravely. The documentary aims to display the background of Green and Shepard and their contribution to the scientific study of the space. Moreover, the film is centered on the brave self-determined person and go-getter John Stapp. He was an Amy doctor who was interested in doing research on how a human can survive in and cope with space flight in the 1940s. In the documentary, it is clear that Stabb is a considerate doctor who aims to protect human life.  Following advancement of technology and subsequent increase demand for space travel Stabb saw it was important to do a medical research so as protect those flying to space from any possible cause of deaths. In his first research, Stabb came up with six balloons that were able to fly up to an altitude of thirty thousand meters a distance that even a jet was not able to approach that time. The project was named A Man-High, and its main objective was to derive a life support system. Through this Stabb research helped many astronauts and skydivers like Joseph Kittinger, who was a record holder until 2012 in skydiving when he jumped a distance of 31333 meters in 1961. After this research stab came up with the need of seat belt, parachutes, airbags, collapsible steering wheels to reduce death from both air and road crash. This safety saved more than 10000 lives per year in America.


The Murder of President

 The Murder of a President is a documentary with an extraordinary story of the best elected United State President. His name was James Garfield and was American president in 1880s. Garfield only ruled for four months before insane man Charles Guiteau assassinated him. The story shows patriotism and loyalty that Garfield showed to the American citizens.  He is termed as the liberator of American slave and oppressed at that time and never accomplished his mission. While campaigning he held face-to-face talks with the citizens, discussing with them his agenda. It was something that was not practiced by any other presidential candidates at the time. He shows he was concerned about every individual in America when he ignored the American tradition where the party workers, senators, and congressional representatives were the one responsible for doing a campaign to the president but him he did door to door campaign. The story shows the dictatorship that was there in the United States tyrannical government. In the documentary, the presidential aspirants were not supposed to speak about the changes with the citizen they were supposed to imitate the example of George Washington staying away from disputes. Thus, his assassination confirms all the fear that the status quo saw from Garfield. Inequality at that time was the key thing. Garfield campaigns assured the poor, women and blacks that he would give them back their rights as most of them were denied right to vote for many years. He was also against racism that prevailed in America at that time where the blacks were considered as slaves and were mistreated by their masters. He showed that everyone was equality by inviting everyone in his home during the time of the campaign.


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American Experience

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