Bloggers Opinion

Bloggers Opinion.

Bloggers Opinion

The rise of Twitter in the year 2010 greatly contributed to the life of bloggers across the globe. Many bloggers began operation in the late 20th century specifically in the year 1990-1999 as an online forum for discussion. These forums focus on the widely themed discussion that has a huge interest among the people. Bloggers in most cases tend to alternate information in such a way that will interest many internet viewers so that their website or posts gain more comments or views. In the search for popularity, bloggers do not care about the evidence that is behind the information they post on social media. In most cases, bloggers have been quoted to post articles that have unclear information about a given matter, and in some time, they have posted information that is truly incorrect concerning a given subject. They intentionally publish wrong information that connects to the audience to gain their familiarity and gain profit out of it.

Most of the bloggers publish political and sports information, which are very attractive to the population across the world. In this case, bloggers have a chance of advertising their products, company, or other companies’ products where they are paid dearly for the services. However, bloggers have posted wrong information concerning various political figure around the world. Most of these politicians are linked to immoral and condone corruption. Also, bloggers engage in unethical behavior by acting as a pawn to political and businesses disruptors. It has been testified that many of the bloggers who give negative information against a given person are paid to tarnish individual character. Thus, for this business to thrive it is advisable that bloggers desist from publishing information that targets others people no matter the monetary value or publicity that come out of it. It is very wrong when bloggers publish information that is incorrect and negative without doing a proper investigation.


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Bloggers Opinion

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