Bureaucratic Reforms

Bureaucratic Reforms.

Bureaucratic Reforms

Bureaucrats are a group of officials or administrators not elected by people whose main aim is to control and oversee the running of government. Bureaucrat aims at promoting efficient and effective working of the federal bureaucracy. There are four key strategies used in supporting reforms in bureaucracy in United State, which include; devolution, termination, reinventing bureaucratic procedure and privatization. These reforms aim at reducing the number, cost, and power of federal government to make it more manageable.

Termination involves closing some of the government agencies to reduce the size of government. Devolution is delegating implementations and duties to state and local government whereas privatization is where private contractors offer the offers government good and services to the public under the supervision of the government. Lastly, reinventing bureaucratic procedure means coming up with new strategies for reducing bureaucracy.

The major issue of bureaucracy is that it not easily managed, and it leads to wastage of public resources if not well controlled. In the United States, reinventing procedure was the most effective reform that ensured bureaucracy was not a burden to American citizens. President Clinton enacted reinventing bureaucratic procedure in 1993 when he propelled National Performance Review (NPR). These reforms in federal bureaucracy aimed to make government more effective, efficient, and accountable. The National Performance Review aims in making the government more cost effective by reducing the number of the workforce. The initial target was to save approximately 100 billion dollars and reduce the workforce by two hundred and seventy thousand by the end of the year 1999. However, the task force managed to reach the target before the year 2000 where they managed to save one hundred and thirty-six billion dollars and reduced the civil servant by 426,200 personnel. The streamlining enabled the government to work effectively to save cost although it did not cater for the increased level of unemployment because many people lost their jobs at the time.


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Bureaucratic Reforms

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