Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson has reached it maturity period over the year since its inception in 1903 (Lamb, et al., 2014). The company is grown from producing just one prototype to being the leading motorcycle company in Northern America (Lamb, et al., 2014). Harley Davidson product moved from cheap product to the most expensive motorcycles in the America and European market. However, its established market is saturated, and the company is rolling back to the cheaper product to attract young generation to its production while at the same time tapping into a new market in China and India. Therefore, the company has grown through the rank from the introduction stage, growth stage, maturity, and now it is fighting for sustainability at the decline stage.

Product life cycle


Harley Davidson sales have drastically declined in the past one decade. The company loyalty customers are in their forties and who do not have the enthusiasm for moving out more often to rid Harley Davidson products (Lamb, et al., 2014). Also, the company brands favor the aged because they are very expensive for the young generation making it impossible to penetrate the millennial generation market (Lamb, et al., 2014). Therefore, given the diminishing market for its products, Harley-Davidson can be said to be on the decline stage.

Due to the saturation of the North America and European market, Harley-Davidson has introduced its product in the Chinese and Indian Market. However, the market restriction for motorcycle use in China has frustrated the company effort to market its products (Lamb, et al., 2014). This is because only a few cities in China allow for the use of motorcycles in town and major highways. Moreover, the Indian market is relatively open, but for cheaper motorcycles than what Harley Davison is known for (Lamb, et al., 2014). This has prompted the firm to open an assembly plant to produce cheaper motorcycles for India and other countries in Asia.




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Harley Davidson

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