Journey to Career Acquisition and Success

Journey to Career Acquisition and Success.

Journey to Career Acquisition and Success

In life, one goes through difficult situations and situations that test the very limit of their abilities. Their English teacher always told them that it called for great care for a person to be able to adapt to new ways of thinking and properly incorporate ideas and new ways of making life better. Life will never be constant. It moves with time. The change was, therefore, inevitable. There had already been changes that she went through in her life. Some were according to her making while others were beyond his control. She had always tried to take proper care as any decisions she made redefined her life, and how she was to live through all of its aspects. In this regard, Ann went through a lot of things as she tried to grow in her career. It was then that she realized how important the words from her teacher were. They usually appeared to lack sense but realizing this seemed to have helped her a lot, in whatever decisions life still had in store for her.

Mr. Ken usually told them that it was important if one knew what they wanted from life. He further claimed that lack of vision led to life with no sense of direction. Ann never used to take this seriously, as it was a trend first to pass the exam and career choices would follow. She was proved wrong immediately when she received her examination results. They made it hard for her to find a course to undertake, as this would directly influence his future. Samantha had some advice. She told her to throw all cares to the wind, as the future was still promising.

Ann was tied. Her future was directly dependent on whatever decisions she made. Her being the first-born in a family of six made her have no options but do all she could do in a bid to make life better and she was in fact at a crossroads. She had to deal with the problem directly and take a step that would bring her closer to her dream. She, as well as Samantha, had missed the university entry by a margin. A few more points and she would have been in; she could not keep himself from regretting. However, she was better as compared to Samantha. The choices that Ann had was going for a diploma course in computer science or repeat his previous study for one year. With the matters at hand, Ann would be forced to make a very good decision, as she was the role model to her younger brothers and sisters. This called for wisdom.

Ann was facing quite a few problems. One of such were the friends who had recently stopped by when they all came to visit her after the results were out. She knew that some of her friends were not genuine. Their sympathies were to be greatly doubted. In fact, it was clear to her that some were glad about her failure. This was one more aspect Mr. Ken had taught – many acquaintances were there to see you fail. Many would be glad, and Mr. Ken was warning her. They all came with happy tidings which she found inconsiderate. All talked about how great they would become and how their future was secure. Therefore, Ann had no choice but to put up a strong will and be rational. She had the character of sticking to her stand, and the matter at hand was no exception. She had to stick to her character.

When other students resumed on their education, Ann was not yet decided on what she would do. The probability of all his decisions leading her further away from his goals was very great. She was obliged to sit and contemplate over the issue. If she decided to take a diploma in computer science, this would see her waste another year if she later wished to get a degree. The chances of employment in the job market with such a diploma were low. This was because there were many students who had picked up an identical degree, and the time for high demand had passed long before Ann entered the workforce. If she decided to repeat that year, she would still waste a year but would get a chance for a degree. However, this was dependent on her hard work and whether she was ready to make sacrifices. Failing after repeating a year could never again be corrected. It would force her to go for the diploma course, which she would rather avoid, never having fully enjoyed computing and computer sciences. On the other hand, this was the wish of her father, who did have a point. If successful, she would have enough money, and still be able to pursue a degree in a university as a self-sponsored student. Things were getting tough on him.

It was after a week of deep thought that Ann concluded. She decided to go for repeating his class. She promised herself to assume a strong will to succeed, making the effort towards passing grades. Ann had realized what she had always wanted. She had a strong liking to English and literature. She had prior knowledge of this discipline, and this placed her in a better position in improving her grades. Her parents were glad at this and congratulated her on the decision, seeing it worthwhile. However, this did not auger well with Samantha. She claimed that Ann was rash in her making decision.

Ann redid the course. When she received her results, she was overjoyed, as she had performed very well. She was the best student in their school that year and this time, everybody was happy for her. Many people expected her to go for a course in accounting, economics or medicine. Ironically, she went to what she had at heart. She pursued a degree in English and literature. She came to this decision when she remembered the words from Mr. Ken.

The decision that Ann made is the one, which saw her into the classroom. A week ago, she attended an English symposium and was awarded a title for the best teacher in literature. She attributes her success to Mr. Ken but also is happy for Samantha, whose initial disapproval led to her strengthening her will. Samantha went for a course in statistics and received a diploma, with which she is still trying to secure employment. This is proving difficult as there are a lot of graduates with degrees on the same. Ann created a good rapport when she was employed. Her association with fellow workmates earned her a post as the head of the department in language section.

In conclusion, it is clear that success was in no way predetermined. Ann had to make a very tough decision and wisdom was necessary. She was ever grateful to her teacher as she was the one who had seen to it that she maintained her zeal to succeed and go for what she always wanted in life. The adjustments that she made in her life were equally important, and with sacrifice and hard work, Ann succeeded.

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Journey to Career Acquisition and Success

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