Legalizing Abortion

Legalizing Abortion.

Legalizing Abortion

Abortion is the act of terminating the pregnancy of a fetus during the gestation period. Abortion is divided into two distinct groups that are a miscarriage, which is natural conditions where pregnancy is terminated the second type of abortion spontaneously, is induced abortion. Many countries have strict laws that restrict this induced abortion. Cultural belief and religious belief are also against an induced abortion they consider it as immoral and disrespect to human life. However, the abortion has increased all over the world due to increasing technology that leads the youth to be engaging in sexual practices early leading to early pregnancy (Lader 34). To avoid shame from the community and their peer, they intend to abort. Most of the women who abort, they normally use unsafe method due to the harsh law of various nation against abortion. Thus, to secure the rights of everyone without discrimination abortion should be made legal.

Abortion should be legalized to reduce deaths of women who abort. Most of the women who abort they use an unsafe method to hide from the strict law of the nation these result to deaths from abortion. Although WHO recommends the safe methods of terminating a pregnancy, there are about fifty thousand women who die because of abortion every year, most of the women die because they practiced unsafe method of pregnancy termination. To reduce these death governments of all nations, they should legalize abortion. These deaths also lead to increased number of total orphan and partial orphans. It is better to legalize abortion so that every child in the nation to enjoy the motherly love in all their life. These preventable deaths make the nation lose potential workers as well as a specialist who could help in the development of the nation economy. The rights of pregnant women are paramount, and any woman who needs to terminate a pregnancy should be allowed to do in a safe environment. Therefore, legalizing abortion would observe the right of women in their pursuit of a fair community. The Center for Reproductive Rights argues that the right to life is an important factor in pregnant women (1). Therefore, any threat to life because of pregnancy complication should be dealt with without the fear of procuring an abortion. Moreover, it is immoral as a society to allow women to go through unsaved abortion while it evidences that over 80 million women around the world have unintended pregnancies every year. Thus, it would be unacceptable to allow such a huge population to risk their life in crooked abortion practices. Therefore, to secure the life of women abortion should be legalized.

Donohue and Levitt in their study on the impact of legalizing abortion found that it reduces the rate of crime over time (379). In their economic study, the authors found that the states that passed laws legalizing abortion in the 1980s had reduced rate of crime in the 1990s. Therefore, they hypothesized that abortion help mother to wait until when they are economically capable of raising their children in a good environment (378).  In their research, Donohue and Levitt argue that early pregnancies negatively affect the life of the young mother as well as that of their children because of lack of basic and essential needs. Therefore, legalizing abortion would help the government in securing the people as well as save money used in the social program among the poor.

Abortion has also led to great losses in government money and victims’ money. Government and victims incur a lot of money in medication and treatment of complications that arises from the unsafe method of pregnancy termination.  About two million pregnancies occur in the world every year. Most of this pregnancy are intentional these make many of the people do abortion, and the only option available is an unsafe method. About five million individual are admitted to hospital every year due to a complication that arises from crude abortion. These causes the victims to incur a lot of expenses in medication and hospitalization also the government loss a lot of its fund by purchasing the medicine needed as well as hiring many specialists like gynecologist to curb the effect ( Podell 123). The urgent need for family planning has also led to many people committing abortion. The governments of various nations urge its citizen to control their family so that it can be able to deliver effective and efficient services to all its citizens. This quite contradicting statement to its citizen because the same government is against abortion hence its citizen opts for an unsafe way of aborting to accomplish the government target. These lead to increased cases of complication.

Advancement of technology in all nation has made safe abortion simpler, so there is no good reason as to why the government is continuing restricting abortion and technology have made it safe. New technology has come up with the major ways of terminating pregnancy these ways include the use of medication surgical method and labor induced pregnancy. Medication method involves the use of drugs that terminate the early pregnancy especially at the first trimester the medicine are safe if all the guideline are followed and they can be readily available if abortion is legalized in a particular nation. The surgical method involves the use of vacuum insertion the method is safe because qualified medical personnel practices it and in the health center that meets the entire standard required it is normally done to remove a pregnancy that is less than 16 weeks. The third method is labor-induced pregnancy normally used to remove the pregnancy that is in the second and the third trimester. It involves the use of the drug to induce labor pain, which is followed by the expulsion of the fetus (Merino 325).  Most governments have refused to embrace the modern, safe method of pregnancy due to the ancient methods of using traditional herbs and sharp object that lead to many deaths. The government should be aware that they’re reluctant to accept the current method of abortion have to lead to many women turning to those traditional methods because they are readily available which have in turn led to many deaths and worsening the situation.

Everybody have the inborn undisputable right of his or her body. Constitution has given everybody freedom of choice and expression. If everybody has the right of choice on their body, there is no reason the government coming up that is governing what one want with her body. Illegalizing abortion is against the unquestionable right of individuality to women. Everybody should be given freedom to do whatever they want with their body so long as they are not hurting their neighbors or the nation. If one has enough reason why they are doing abortion, the government should not by against by declining abortion. Even they are supposed to support those who are doing abortion by providing them with good medical facilities because they are doing it for their will and safety. Restricting a person from her right that person feel neglected they, in turn, do abortion using include a method that can even lead to death (Merino 205). Depression and psychological problem result from this violation of the right of individuality. It is better to legalize abortion so that everybody to feel proud of what they are doing with their body


Naden argues that raising a child is not easy especially for the poor communities most of the individuals are poor in most of the world. Illegalizing abortion has placed the big burden to those families most of their children end up not educated. The government resources such as schools and hospitals are not enough due to increased population because abortion is illegal. The cases of unemployment have increased due to uncontrolled birth where abortion could be a solution to curb the population growths the governments come in by illegalizing it. Poor living standards have resulted due to the restriction of abortion. Pregnancy of unwanted fetus results in a child growing in poor conditions and does not receive enough care from the government and the parents.

According to Butler, the dispute against abortion, it should be subjected individual opinion but not supposed to be against the law of the nation. Some people, community, and culture morally accept abortion while others greatly condemn them. The nation is divided when it come up with such law of declining abortion. These can lead to quarrel at the individual level, community level, and even national level. Thus, it is better to life it open so as everyone to decide on her on to do it or not to do and not against any country law or someone else opinion to avoid this chaos (56).

Torr and James reported that a fetus is scientifically proven is not a human being so abortion should never be considered as taking life or committing murder. He also emphasized that the government did not register those women who conceive in return it register all live birth, so there is no reason for restricting individuals from aborting (116).
Although abortion is termed as killing by some individual, it should be legalized. Many women die or get complication from the very preventable way of practicing safe abortion. Many governments have illegalized abortion assuming the effect they cause to the citizen and all death that result in their punitive law.




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Legalizing Abortion

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