Team Norm and Noncompliance Plan

Team Norm and Noncompliance Plan.

Team Norm and Noncompliance Plan

The first week of learning leadership begun by choosing a team leader, a person who was tasked to lead the team. The individual who was elected to the position had outstanding skills that enabled him to run the team with minimal interference. He was supposed to understand the project clearly, be calm and treat each member of the team equally. After the first week, the team leader led other team members in setting up the group norms while involving all members of the team. Through the process of listening and evaluating every member decisions, the team was able to come up with norms and non-compliance norm.  What the team came up with was the conclusion that the noncompliance plans was a combination of the decision of every person were to ensure that every member would be committed and accountable to the project.

The team norms had covered various areas, and every member of the team was supposed to observe them keenly. These included the following; every member was supposed to observe time and ensure they complete their task on time; every member was free to express his or her ideas; conflicts was to be solved in a way that does not negatively influence other members; members were required to criticize their colleague constructively and every member was to remain focused on the project of the group. Also, members were to be responsible and accountable for all the tasks, collaborate with other team members and ensure they adhere to the group motto “do your best.” The noncompliance plan set was to monitor the progress of the team. If any team member did not follow the norms, the person faced a sanction which include a warning and if one persist an expulsion from the group. Any member who failed to accomplish their task was supposed to inform other team members.


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Team Norm and Noncompliance Plan

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