Technologies of the 90’s

Technologies of the 90’s.

Technologies of the 90’s




Subject: Four Technologies that Revolutionized the Human Lives in the 90’s

The Internet

The World Wide Web, the HTTP internet protocol, and HTML were created in 1990 and revolutionized how individuals and corporations communicate with each other. It also created more avenues for innovation and development leading to the creation of many jobs and the development of new industries and markets. The internet further increased the ease of access to information enabling people across the globe to get information instantaneously from any part of the world. Service delivery also experienced increased efficiencies by allowing consumers to access products and services at any time and from anywhere. Education also experiences a boost from the increased ease of access to information and the concentration of large volumes of books in a relatively smaller space.

The Digital Answering Machine

Invented in 1991, this digital answering machine increased the flexibility of individuals both in their homes and at their places of work. It enabled people to move freely from their fixed lines and not worry about missing any important call. It further enhanced professionalism in industries where it was used since callers got the satisfaction that their call was important and would allow the company to call them back. The machine further helped users to effectively screen their callers before answering them. People could once again get out of their houses and offices without the fear of missing that one important phone call. Moreover, individuals could also know which calls they could take and which ones they could skip.

The Pentium Processor

Invented in 1993, the Pentium processor revolutionized the world of personal computing by enabling the development of faster microcomputers computers. Pentium processors could perform more operations and handle larger loads of data due to their separated cache system. They were also the first processors to be based on the 64-bit architecture that made it possible for owners of personal computers to significantly increase the computing power of their computers by increasing the maximum capacity of RAM they could carry. Pentium processors also allowed faster calculation and allocation of addresses effectively cutting down processing cycles by half. It was also instrumental in the development of portable computer models that led to the development of new markets. Pentium processors were also more efficient and used less power while producing less heat.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Developed in 1994, these aircraft were flying missions over Yugoslavia airspace in under a year. They revolutionized the way militaries carried out surveillance effectively reducing the number of casualties that were associated with poor intelligence gathering. They could also be armed with weaponry making them able to carry out attacks on enemy camps and bases. They further enhanced the tracking of resources like forests and wildlife and illegal activities like smuggling and trafficking. The RQ-1 drones were so silent that they could go unnoticed while their mounted cameras were powerful enough to provide clear footage of activities on the ground below them. These drones could also be fitted with monitoring devices and used to measure weather conditions or monitor the progression of adverse weather conditions like tsunamis or storms. Unmanned aircraft increased the safety of personnel while ensuring that missions still ran according to plan and schedule. Drones have come a long way since then and can currently not only be used as weapons but they can also deliver important payloads or weapons and relief to combat regions and disaster zones while ensuring the safety of personnel.


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Technologies of the 90’s

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