The crisis of the Love Canal began between 1942 and 1953

The crisis of the Love Canal began between 1942 and 1953.


The crisis of the Love Canal began between 1942 and 1953

The environment is very vital in supporting human existence. Environment pollution result to the death of plants and animals hence there is urgent need of regulating agent that pollute the environs. Environment Justice has equalized environment conservation in various nations in the in the world and has reasonable treatment and fair involvement of all people without discrimination in implementation and exercise of regulations and rule governing preservation of the environment. EAP and UNEP are in front line to ensure these regulations are met.

Love Canal was located near Niagara fall and named after William T. Love who builds the connection between the two grounds that separated river Niagara and it falls (‘Love Canal,’ 1980). The crisis of the Love Canal began between 1942 and 1953 (‘Love Canal,’ 1980). William builds the canal with the aim of producing hydroelectric power, but he failed due to lack of enough resources. The canal was put on an auction for the public use in 1920 later was converted to disposal site of chemical waste. For instance, the U.S Amy used this land to bury chemical wastes that they got from the warfare experiments. Nonetheless, the Hooke Company that dealt with chemical and plastic acquired this land and used it as private property for waste disposal in 1947. Consequently, the company buried about twenty-one thousand tons of hazardous chemical wastes for five years. When the canal was filled, the company covered it with the harmless waste product. During this period, there was rapid increase in the population that has inhabited Niagara. The city government of Niagara found the need of settling the homeless city dwellers, so it bought the land from the Hooke for one million dollars despite the company warning to the use of the land (‘Love Canal,’ 1980). The city builds the school and accidentally interfered with the copper lining, which was used to contain the chemicals. The situation was made even worse by building the sewer near the site.

The air pollution was evidenced afterward after the period of one year. The impact and severity of this situation were discovered by, Lois Gibbs, the head of love canal builders association. The president of U.S Jimmy Carter declared the site as emergency area after the discovery of very many diseases that were associated with chemicals from the canal among the residence. There was an initial fight between the government and the Hooke parent company on the compensation of those evacuated. Environmental Protection Agency took effect to solve the dispute between the residence and the government. The scientist did research and found that the chemicals have leaked into the air of the residence, and they result in ill health among the dwellers. EAP used this evidence to sue the Hookers Company and was fined $129 million for their negligence (‘Love Canal,’ 1980). EAP later cleaned the site.

The act of the government fining the Hooke canal heavily for its chemical disposal is justified. Any chemical waste should not dump near the residential place or a densely populated region. The company was supposed to stand firm not to sell the land to anybody or investor since it well knowing the harmful nature of the chemical it buried in that land. The company also did not consider the environment at all since it buried the chemicals near the water source, which contradicts the environmental laws. The government also failed in its duty to protect the canal, and it could be a better idea if it were too penalized severely. The city government in spite of being given warning not to use the land it went one building structures and sewers, which worsen the situation of the pollution leading to the evolvement of various health problems.

P & W waste oil Inc. Services are the company based in Leland in North Carolina it deals with gathering, movement, refinement and distribution of old oil from small enterprises and large companies. Mostly it gets these used oils from vehicle and machine service station, transformer repair and Maintenance Corporation and marinas. The company is also involved and removal of the harmful product from the tank and washing them.  The company was authorized to a carry used oil with PCB not exceeding two parts per million. Before 1979, the companies were allowed to use organic PCBs in commercial function such as thermal insulation. After 1979 when its health effects were discovered, and closely linked to cancer and respiratory and immune infection its use was restricted, and it was only allowed in negligible quantities. It is discovered to have a long-term accumulation in soil air and water.

The company environmental crime was identified in July 2009 when one of its employees was caught transporting used oil with high PCBs of 500ppm. Further investigation reveals that the owner had 4925-ppm contamination. Colonial Oil Company, which purchased this oil, incurred a lot of loss of seventeen million US dollars. The action of P.W company employee transporting contaminated oil was habitual. EAP intervened and ordered the company to pay $ 3.4 as a clean-up fee (‘4673081 Waste oil drain,’ 2009). The company was also found guilty of the failure to pay income tax and having unqualified staffs in dealing with waste product. Mr. Pass was found guilty of all the offenses and jailed in 2014 for 42 months and his company taken to probation for the period of five years.

The ignorance of Pass Company is very wrong as far as environmental are concerned. The collaboration of criminal investigating department and EAP is very detrimental in the arrest of the lawbreaker such as Pass. The lawbreaker who destroys the environment for their selfish gain should be punished harshly since what they are doing to the society is very critical and can kill a large number of plant and animals including human.

According to Williamson & David (2003), Exxon Valdez oil spill is the largest oils spill that has ever happen. It happened in March 1989 when the oil tanker ship corrodes tearing its reef and releasing millions of gallon of oil to the environment.  The accident occurs as the Exxon Valdez crude oil tanker ship approached Alaska’s Prince William Sound. The pollution spread over a thousand miles away and very many coasts and aquatic animal perished. Exxon Valdez Company was fined a lot of million dollars for clean-up due to its negligence of its worker.  Although the case continues, fining the company was the best idea.  It is also supposed to be fined even more because even today the pollution have not been properly contained most of the crude oil just buried below an 1 inch at the coast.

Ralph Nader was born in Connecticut 1934. He was a lawyer and environmental activist for many years. He had run for U.S presidential election for many years without winning. His first war on environmental hazard was in the automobile. He claimed that the companies that were manufacturing vehicle like Chevrolet of General Motors’ (GM) were not considering safety. He claimed the vehicle could even cause an accident without control of the driver. House of the Senate later affirmed this claim and the court fined GM forty-two thousand us dollars for harassing him. He used this money to launch the road safety complaints. In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson involved him in signing traffic law and mortal vehicle safety act. He has published a wide range of environmental subject such as the danger of CFCS, mercury hazards and coal safety, insecticides, who poison America among others. The work of Ralph Nader is significance and is very crucial people like the environmental issues in us are concerned. He is the founder of road safety in the US.

BP Oil Leak & Deep Water Horizon is the biggest marine oil drilling accident that has ever happen. It happens on 20 April 2010, but the situation was contained on 15 July the same year. About four million oil barrels polluted the Macondo Gulf of Mexico. The BP Company was held responsible for the pollution that left eleven of it works and several animals dead. The EAP challenged the company in court where the company was fined 5.5 billion dollars by water act penalty and 8.8 billion dollars for the destruction of natural resources (Kelley, 2010). The environmental justice was fairly exercised because all that accident was out of the company negligence, the company was supposed to have certain control measure to curb the effect.

Flint water disaster is contamination of drinking water supplied in Flint Michigan in the United States. The crisis started in April 2014 Flint changed its water source to Flint River. The water contaminated with lead increase the risk of lead intoxication among the children in Flint. The governor of Michigan and president Barrack Obama declared Flint city to be in a state of emergency. The four key personnel resigned, and MDEQ staffs fired while others were taken to court. Although Governor Snyder compensated those who were affected, justice should be reinforced and all those responsible for the mess to be held accountable for their ill action.

According to reports of Alison Canyon gas leak, Mexico SoCal Gas Company discovered the massive gas leak on 23 October 2015 (n.d). About ninety-seven thousand tons of methane and about eight thousand tons of ethane spilled in the environment.  After that discovery, the seal was sealed, and the amount of the methane and ethane has greatly reduced. The two gasses contribute to greenhouse effect although they are not as harmful as carbon dioxide.  No one was taken to court on this damage but in future, that accident should not go unpunished.

Various companies in the world involved in the massive destruction of the environment. To ensure maintenance of the environment various corporation and environmental activist have come into the ground and set up harsh laws that govern and maintain the environment. Most of the organizations that go against such laws are penalized harshly.


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The crisis of the Love Canal began between 1942 and 1953

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