The government has an obligation to its people and all decisions it makes must be reflective of the voice of the people.

The government has an obligation to its people and all decisions it makes must be reflective of the voice of the people..

Government has an obligation to its people

The government has an obligation to its people and all decisions it makes must be reflective of the voice of the people. Once a government forgets its obligations to its electorate and changes rules to suppress public opinion and extend its reign through fear and terror, the people will rise up against it. Most of the time, change does not come willingly to all people and a revolutionary must rise up to inspire the rest. V challenges the people to retake their power from the oppressive regime by demanding their civil rights and more accountability, “It was you! You who appointed these people! You who gave them the power to make your decisions for you! … you have accepted without question their senseless orders” (Moore et al. 117). When the public fails to hold its leaders accountable and accepts everything without question, it encourages the rise of tyranny. Tyranny deprives the public of it civil and human rights since an awakening of the public would threaten it hold on power. Radical revolutionists are probably the only good thing to come out of tyrannical situations as these individuals anonymously lead the fight against injustice. Successful revolutions are based on the anonymity of freedom fighters to put more weight in the cause and not on the individuals leading the fight.

“Me? I’m the king of the twentieth century. I’m the bogeyman. The villain” (Moore et al. 13). Anonymity in the fight for liberation ensures continuity of the struggle, embraces, and encourages the contributions of every individual in the country or state. V’s battles against the Norsefire government hits their vital organs that were coincidentally headed by the perpetrators of illegal human experimentation that saw him as the only survivor. The anonymity his disguise gave him ensured that the fight would go on even after his death as Evey top up the position and even went further to begin grooming her own successor. It was important that V identified with everyone that was for the rebellion for his security as well as to further the cause of a new down. The fight against a tyrannical regime must have the fortitude of character and the resilience to go on no matter the hurdles they find on their way. It is also not sustainable to fight against oppression only to impose another oppressive regime on the people. They must be given the benefit of exercising their freedom to make their own choices and the guarantee that their liberties will be upheld.

Oppressive regimes use propaganda and twist narratives and stories to paint the suffering people as victims of circumstances. They turn the focus from the real issues facing their people like insecurity, poor infrastructure and civil liberties and human rights and blame other issues for the problems ailing their nation. Since tyranny and oppression thrive on disunity, these governments employ divisive political tactics to ensure that the public cannot band together and in the process uncover truths that the government would rather keep under wraps. “They made you into a victim. Evey. They made you into a statistic. However, that is not the real you. That’s not who you are inside” (Moore et al. 29). This explains how the Norsefire government carried out a series of systemic persecutions against several groups of citizens. By blaming other groups and scapegoating them for the ills that the regime had inadvertently caused, the Norsefire regime was able to rally the public’s support behind them. Homosexuals, people of other races and religions became effective scapegoats due to their characteristics that made them easy targets. V’s campaigns were designed to unearth the root cause of the problems ailing their society and to create awareness in the public and instigate an inward fire for rebellion and call for change from them.

Humanity will always want to rise up against oppression although most of the time people lack the resolve and the courage to take up the fight against the oppressors. It is human nature to conform to the comforts and securities that habit provides and people would rather conform to oppressive laws and regimes than speak out and risk incarceration or even worse forms of retaliation like violence or murder. Remembering the past is key to initiating healing and reminding the people about where the power truly lies, which is in the hands of the public majority. “Remember; remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason, and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever forget” (Moore et al. 14). Forgetting how hard our forefathers fought for the liberties that people enjoy and often take for granted is the beginning of a passive support and encouragement for the budding of tyranny and oppression. V plans a copy of the parliament bombing orchestrated by Guy Fawkes in November of 1605 that would have seen King James I and the protestant leaders perish all at once. Freedom and liberties are like plants that require constant and active watering and nurturing through remembrance of past struggles and constant monitoring and evaluation of enacted legislations and structures to ensure that the country does not fall back to dark ages. It is also important that the power rests with the majority public and that is seemingly the approach that V is taking on. An institution that falls from external forces can rebuild but one that is toppled from within can never recover.



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The government has an obligation to its people and all decisions it makes must be reflective of the voice of the people.

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