Identify and analyze WALMART CANADA, and its governance and leadership structures to ensure enhanced understanding of the decision-making process.



  1. Based on your approved project proposal develop the following sections:
    1. Introduction – this section will provide the reader with the purpose of the assignment, WALMART CANADA,  organization, and reasons for your choice this company.
    2. Organizational Description – this section will provide an overview of the organization. This overview will include a summary of:
    3. Its organizational and governance structure as in whether they are led by a board of directors or public administrator.
    4. The organization’s geographical location (i.e., urban, rural, or remote).
    5. Potential population characteristics (i.e., majority aboriginal populations, etc.).
    6. Potential challenges that you can identify for this organization (i.e., access to services due to geographic location, etc.) in which technology can play a significant role.
    7. Description of the technological need(s) that this organization is required to address.
    8. Proposal of some potential solutions – do not forget the rationale (i.e., why?)
  2. The Research Project  will be marked in its entirety out of 100. The following rubric indicates the criteria students are to adhere to, and their relative weights to the assignment overall.

Activities/Competencies Demonstrated

 % of Final Grade


Writing Quality – Writing must be logically organized and free of grammatical and typographical errors.



Content – The submission must demonstrate solid research and insightful observations.

a. Project subject is well selected; rationale is sound.


b. Background information sources are reliable and information logically gathered.


c. Identification of potential challenges insightful and realistic.



References – All references should be cited as per the APA style manual.




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