Should things like GMOs and DNA be labeled?

Should things like GMOs and DNA be labeled?

Food Labels must include:

  • Product Name
  • Net Weight
  • Qualifying Statements (if needed)
  • Safe handling Statement (if needed)
  • Nutrition Fact Panel
  • Ingredient Statement
  • Address line
  • Inspection Legend (Meat)
  • Establishment number (Meat)


Follow up on the new Nutrition labels.  The new label format was originally set to be implemented during the summer of 2017.  That has been delayed to the summer of 2018, however, the feeling from the industry is that it might not happen at that point either.  HOWEVER, some companies have already taken the initiative to switch.


As you can see a few changes:

  • larger print servings per container
  • larger calories per serving
  • no longer calling out calories from fat
  • separating out added sugar
  • Vitamin D and Potassium rather than Vitamin A and Vitamin C


Further thoughts to start your research and discussion:


Are food labels confusing?  How should they be made better?

Should things like GMOs and DNA be labeled?

What do you think about the nutrition label?

What do you think about the new nutrition label rules?  Do you think it will be better?  Do you think it will make a difference in the items people consume?

Does the average consumer understand the words used “Light” “Reduced”.




Food processing

Do you agree that processing and preservation are interchangeable?

We often associate a negative connotation to processing and positive to preservation – is that realistic?

In a world with global trade, why do we need preservation – can’t we just ship fresh food from region to region?

Is there something inherently bad in processing?






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