Marginalized and dominant cultures are wide-ranging terms

Marginalized and dominant cultures are wide-ranging terms

Essay Prompt:

Choose any two of our class texts. Compare these two texts by analyzing the presence of marginalized and dominant cultures* in each of the texts. How do they differ between texts? What do they share? What determines one over the other? Be sure to arrive at a conclusion about marginalized and dominant cultures in the United States, based on these two texts.

*Marginalized and dominant cultures are wide-ranging terms. You can define them however you want, so long as your chosen texts support your definition. For example, perhaps these two cultures are determined by sexuality, or religion, or maybe race. Again, let your chosen texts be the foundation for all of your analysis.


All submitted writing in this course must by typed and double spaced, use 12’ font (Times New Roman preferred), and include numbers on all pages. Conventional rules of spelling and grammar apply (exceptions are made for deliberate choices, i.e. slang). 2 points will be deducted for each error in format, including repeats. All submitted writing is graded out of 100 points.

Readings’ pdf and links are below:

“The Trials of a Muslim Cop,” by Rachel Aviv

“Fatherland,” by Kiran Desai

“Who Gets to Be Hapa?” by Akemi Johnson

“The Difficult Math of Being Native American,” by Savannah Maher

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