Project Initiation

Project Initiation

Project Initiation—Your project plan must include an introduction of the company and the scope of the project. Your project initiation portion of the Capstone Project is to include an explanation of those inputs, tools, and techniques that result in a project charter and stakeholder register. It is strongly suggested that you consult Chapters 4.1 and 13.1 from the PMBOK® Guide for further detail on the deliverables for this section of your Capstone Project.

You must include the following subsections:

  • Project Statement of Work (SOW)—including the business need, service scope description, and the strategic plan to show how the project aligns with the organization’s vision, goals, and mission.
  • Business case—including information relative to the market demand, organizational need, customer request, technological advance, legal requirement, ecological impact, and social need.
  • Agreements—which define the initial intentions captured in a memorandum of understanding, service level agreement, letters of intent, or other written or verbal understanding of the project.
  • Enterprise environmental factors—including governmental standards, organizational culture, organizational structure, and market considerations.
  • Organizational process assets—including organizational standards, policies, templates, or processes, and historical information that informs the project team.
  • Tools and techniques—including expert judgement and facilitation techniques.
  • Project charter—which will formally authorize the project and use of resources.
  • Stakeholder analysis—including analysis of relationships, the quantitative and qualitative information regarding interests of the parties, and documentation in a power/interest grid, power/influence grid, influence/impact grid, or salience model.
  • Meetings—including information describing the profile analysis meetings.
  • Stakeholder register—including the identification information, assessment information, and stakeholder classification.

Needs to  be 3 pages.

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