The Guest

The Guest


The Guest (you can find the reading in the link below)


We took many reading in the class, and we must choose one reading and write about it in 1 to 2 pages. And I chose this reading for this assignment.

The homework is:

For your second short essay, I would like you do something a bit different. You will be doing an analysis from a historical perspective.

1. Select a one of the stories we read so far.

2. Find out something about the historical context for the story, about the time (setting or date of publication), author, or about the circumstances under which the story was written.

3. Write a 1 to 2-page short essay that explains the effect of the historical fact you found on the story.

4. You may use any source to find your historical fact (even Wikipedia), but make sure you cite your sources using MLA format and create a Works Cited list.

NOTE: the PowerPoint file might help. (the first part)

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