Alternative Fuel Use

Alternative Fuel Use

Utilizing the information in the attached proposal write a paper that follows the guidelines below.

· Flow from a logical start to a logical finish that builds a supportive case apparent to the reader for the results, conclusions, and recommendations developed. Think of this as the paper’s “path”. 

· Provide all the information necessary for the reader to progress from one step to another in the paper without having to make any large leaps of information or logic, while at the same time avoiding superfluous information that does not add to the flow and logic of the paper. In short, the paper should be complete but concise. 

· Should not overtly explain to the reader how the student has demonstrated his or her skill at all of the POs. Rather, this should be apparent to the reader from the flow and topical content of the paper. 

· Should employ appropriate APA-formatted headings that subdivide the paper into logical sections of reasonable and appropriate length to both add to the logical flow of the paper and to allow the reader a more pleasant and understandable reading experience. 

· Should carefully use words that accurately convey the meaning the student intends. 

· Build to an ending that provides the reader with the students’ defensible results, conclusions, and recommendations, as appropriate.]

The references and content in the attached proposal must all be utilized. 

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