Complete the paper by using this hypothetical situation

Hypothetical situation

 Assume that you work for a tour operator company who will be in charge of an “inbound group” coming to SF Bay Area in 2018

· The Group will be coming from overseas the app. size is 200 medical doctors and some will have their spouses.

· The total duration of the package is 5 days and 4 nights

· You are asked to prepare a detailed package including lodging, transportation and meeting arrangement details (including venue etc…) social hours and other attractions. (Be creative and give options)

· What factors you should consider?

· You need an estimate pricing per person. (You can randomly find hotels, attractions etc and price it by using a 10-15% discount for a group)

· By considering what you have learned up to now and by doing some research on the internet or similar resources come up with a Package including:

– A package which will include Transfers from / to airport

– Lodging for 4 nights in group rate

– Meeting and the extras including which venue to select, lunch / dinner, coffee break and etc..

– After hour programs, day trips etc..

Please consider different needs of the group while proposing the package. Use resources to justify your package. Check web for itinerary examples or daily hotel fees.

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