Individual Persuasive Annotated Bibliography

 Individual Persuasive Annotated Bibliography

Weekly Learning Objective: Research sources for the TAR and write a Persuasive Annotated Bibliography
which summarizes and assesses each source.


Using the Persuasive Annotated Bibliography Rubric listed below as a guide for the specific grading criteria and
the Supplemental Resources above, develop a Persuasive Annotated Bibliography.


With your TAR topic and assigned writing defined and understood (from the CPP), conduct research on the
chosen topic. Be sure to consider your individual Collected Data topic. It is recommended you use the
Davenport University Library Databases if you are doing research online; this ensures your sources are credible.
You may also find source material via books, magazines, newspapers, journals, other Internet sources that are
credible, or other mediums (Wikipedia and personal websites are not appropriate and will not be acceptable).


Annotate a minimum of 5 sources you plan to use in your writing for the TAR. Each source must be listed in APA
style citations and in alphabetical order. Below each source will be the annotation, which should consist of one
paragraph summarizing the source, and a second paragraph which assesses the source and persuades that the source is appropriate, relevant, and useful.

Be sure the Persuasive Annotated Bibliography meets the following requirements:

• 5 annotated credible sources

• No page length requirement. HOWEVER, a thorough annotation should include a summary paragraph and a  persuasive assessment paragraph

• Times New Roman, 12-point font

• 1″ margins, double spaced

• Follow APA style – the source citations MUST be in correct APA format

• APA style title page

• Include an APA style header (which will show up on every page) with a shortened version of your title and the
page number

• Critical thinking is easily apparent

• Correct grammar and punctuation

• Submit as a Microsoft Word document

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