The System Support

The System Support

Now that you have all of the hardware, software, and networking functionality installed and set up, Initech would like a way to handle any work tickets that come in. These work tickets will include things such as creating new user accounts, fixing hardware issues that arise, installing additional software, troubleshooting software issues that arise, troubleshooting network issues, and any other issues the end user reports. In addition, Initech would like a knowledge base of frequent issues that may arise, so that end users can troubleshoot issues themselves.

In 3-5 pages, provide the following information:

  • Create a ticket tracking system
    • Will you create the system yourself? Or use a COTS? Give your reasons for your choice.
    • What kind of information will you include in your ticket tracking system? Why?
  • Create a support plan
    • Include the process by which a work ticket will be created. Can the end user create the ticket? Or will they have to email, call, and/or chat with tech support, who will then create the ticket?
    • How will you assign work tickets to tech support? Will it be “round robin”? Or will you have tiered support (such as Tier 1, then Tier 2)? If you assign a work ticket to someone that does not have the expertise to resolve the issue, what do you have in place to help that person resolve the work ticket?
    • How will your support plan address working with a diverse group of end users as well as customer support personnel?
    • What will happen to work tickets once the issue is resolved? Will there be an archive? If so, how is that accomplished?
  • Customer service
    • What do you consider as good customer support? How would you incorporate a diverse group of people to provide good customer support? Give supporting examples of providing good customer support.
  • Knowledge base
    • List at least 10 frequent issues that may arise and their corresponding solutions.
    • Where will you store the knowledge base? On a website? In a database on a server? Elsewhere? Give reasons for your choice.

Use vocabulary and tone appropriate for your target audience–your client, Initech. If you used outside resources to support your content (for example, articles, charts, or images you use that are not your own), be sure to cite those sources.

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