Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

For the remainder of the semester, you will engage in online research for Modules 2, 3, and 4.  For each paper, I want you to use academic databases accessed online through the library. (Let me repeat that: all research is to be conducted through academic databases accessed online through the GTCC library). You primarily should use articles, but if you find an eBook, a film, or any other type of source like that, you can use it.  Be sure to capture the database information because I am looking for that.  There is an example of a Works Cited source below where I have highlighted the name of the database in green.  That is an example of what I am looking for to assure myself that you are using an academic database. That is only one example; there are many databases.


For the Second and Third Modules, you will engage in the research, summarizing, and prewriting of two papers on the same subject, followed by producing a 1000 word final paper for each.  You will pick a topic to explore, such as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), Abortion, or Medical Marijuana.  In the first paper, you will research the pros of the issue, and in the second paper you will research the cons.


In each case, the prewriting will consist of finding three sources through research at the GTCC Library. Do not search online websites. Each one of these sources should be an academic article from a scholarly journal that you access through the library.  For each of these three sources, you will capture a quote to integrate into your paper and you will also write a summary of at least 150 words that encapsulates each article’s content (an Annotated Bibliography). This summary MUST be your own words. Read the article and tell me what the article is about in your own words (Do not copy the Abstract; I will know it if you do). Each source should be listed in proper MLA Works Cited formatting followed by the summary (Annotated Bibliography).  Finally, as a new document, you will create a five section Outline of your paper that includes a thesis sentence in the introduction, and then a topic sentence for each body paragraph (minimum of three) and which also includes the quote that you will be using for each body paragraph, ending with a fully articulated conclusion that restates the thesis. The prewriting will therefore consist of two documents

  1. An Annotated Bibliography (Full MLA Citation in alphabetical order each followed by your 150 words summary.
  2. A fully developed Outline with your quotes integrated into the planning and with a parenthetical citation that matches, first word to first word, to a listing on a final Works Cited page.


To repeat, each body paragraph of your outline will have a quote and each quote shall end with your parenthetical citation, which will have a matching full source listing on a final Works Cited page.


In each case, the Final Paper must be at least 1000 words, with a final Works Cited page that correlates with proper in-text citation to each quote that is utilized.  In all instances, proper MLA formatting must be maintained.


All research must be the result of online access to the GTCC library, and must consist of information taken from scholarly articles from academic journals.  You may not use books, websites, or films/videos.  There will be a 10 point penalty for each unacceptable source, and a 20 point penalty for being short on sources, 20 points per missing source.  You can have more than three sources, but you have to have at least three. Be certain that you know which rules of MLA citations you are using for each source.  Use your Writer’s Reference for looking up the proper rule.


When it comes to the research required, it would be best to work on Module 2 and Module 3 at the same time.  You are exploring the Pro side and the Con side of the same issue, so work on each Annotated Bibliography and each Outline with Works Cited simultaneously. You must use different sources for the Con paper than those that you use for the Pro paper.


To repeat:  For Modules 2 and 3, you have the same process to follow, except that now you must find the articles yourself through research conducted online through the library.  No websites are allowed unless they are accessed through a library database, and the database used should be a part of your Works Cited listing.


Once again, you have four documents to create for each Module, Module 2 and Module 3, the Pro and Con sides of an issue.

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