Networking: A Key to Successful Teamwork


Networking: A Key to Successful Teamwork

Part A:

Notably, the concept of team boundaries is considered one of the best approach to consider while redefining the nature of a team or a group. There are a variety of aspects that of team boundary that one should be well-familiarized. The aspects primarily regards to the ways a team is constructed, how team change over time, and how individuals are specifically entitled to relate to teams (Schawbel, 2013). Furthermore, teams are entitled to effectively manage their team boundaries uniquely to progressively help in enriching their workability.

Some of the most effective approaches considered while aiming to effectively manage team boundaries primarily regards to ensuring that the team members understand the specified tasks and responsibilities in detail, explaining to the team members in regards to the acceptable work behavior, and emphasizing on the idea of maintaining equality regardless of the personal relationship that exists.

On a different prospect, the trade-offs of external and internal ties amid different types of teams are that while external ties results to the reduction of success, internal cohesion results promotes success. The notion could be elucidated further considering the attestation that promoting good cohesion and teamwork through enriching the relationship of members promotes the workability context of the entire team. Nonetheless, the idea of strengthening external ties, team loyalty within members is undoubtedly devalued thus giving the team less attention due to focus on other teams.

Part B:

Unsurprisingly, there are a variety of roles and responsibilities that each member within a group or a team is entitled to represent or play. The roles include the shaper, implementer, completer, coordinator, specialist role, team worker, resource investigator, monitor-evaluator role, and the plants role (Merchant, 2013). Regarding my perspective, one of the key role that I would undoubtedly represent best regards to the team worker role which specifically regards to ensuring that unity prevails in my team. The attestation associates with the fact that I am skilled in resolving issues or conflicts that may arise during a teamwork.




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