As a project manager would you prefer to work in the Program Management Office (PMO) environment? Why, or why not?

1. Managing a project without governance could be challenging. Share with the class some of your governance experiences and how helpful those experiences were to your project as a team member.

2.  As a project manager would you prefer to work in the Program Management Office (PMO) environment? Why, or why not?


Prior to reflection I had a general assumption that I worked on many projects in my short time as a finance professional. However, I simply observed peers/coworkers who were really involved with the projects. My professional experience was a level once removed from working hands on with projects or their financial allocations. It was my teams’ responsibility to provide planning and target guidelines to the finance teams and to consolidate the budgets of those teams who worked directly with the project managers. I.e., the finance teams worked with the core and investment initiatives directly while the central financial planning and analysis team provided (1) governance for how to plan and (2) consolidation of those individual budgets and analytics presented to the finance leadership team, the CFO and CIO.

I have gathered that working on projects requires very strong organizational skills and the ability to conceptualize the impact the project will have on an organization. From what I understand of PMO coming from a consolidation role, I don’t think I would prefer to work in the Program Management Office Environment. Being well thought out about projects, I believe it is possible to succeed in projects and align them to organizational goals without the rigid structure that restricts creativity and diminishes the power of ambiguity and individual project success. Working in PMO would decrease project flexibility. I think I enjoy the individuality and ambiguity associated with individual projects. In reality, every individual project is a result of or will result in another individual or program of projects. I like the individual nature because there seems to be more structure and closure even though there can likely be more ambiguity.

I would, however like to experience working in the PMO environment to gain a better understanding of the scope of projects and portfolio management as it aligns with organizational objectives. I think changing roles and experiencing different areas of an organization is essential for those that are curios about the entire operational structure of the organizations livelihood. This transition between roles provides context and a stronger ability to make decisions based on experience and confidence of those experiences.

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