Observation of self and/or others

  1. Observation of self and/or others

This week, we have covered the introduction of project management and how it is relevant in our lives. I have not started my new position yet with Alliance Data but I thought of several experiences from my prior internship with OhioHealth. One of these experiences was that I was a of a project team, working on quality and affordability initiatives. I was assigned a research role to discover what competing companies were doing compared to our approach. Being in a marketing role, I had several projects other than this specific one. I was able to discover the importance of managing time and productivity when participating on project teams because my work directly affected the entire project.


  1. Thoughts on readings and responses to reflection questions

The case study that we read this week discussed the day in the life of a project manager. I thought that it was an interesting case because we were asked to assess the level of productivity of the individual involved. I went through and tried to think of areas in which the individual could be more productive, which also made me reflect on my own productivity. It really made me think of the times in which I could improve on my scheduling or conversational time to achieve more within my day. I enjoyed analyzing this case and being able to relate in my own personal experiences.

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