Why don’t we just keep running the ads

Why don’t we just keep running the ads

  1. Imagine you work in the marketing department of a large, well-known company. Your company’s most recent ad has attracted criticism. People say it is racist. You are in a meeting with colleagues and the purpose of the meeting is to decide whether or not to pull the ad from all media channels. Your company is under pressure to pull the ads but there is no governing body requiring you to pull them. During the meeting your colleague says, “Why don’t we just keep running the ads? People are talking about it on social media. It’s getting some buzz.” How do you respond?


  1. In 2017, Dove released and ad that was criticized because many people though it was racist. The company was quick to apologize and explained that people had misunderstood the message. However, many folks were still unimpressed and argued that Dove’s 2011 ad conveyed a similar message. What is the racist message many people got from these two ads? Please clearly describe how they got that message from the 2017 and also from the 2011 ad.


  1. The campbell’s “Your Dad” ad from 2015 received praise from LGBTQ allies but was also heavily criticized by some people who were uncomfortable with the family depicted in the ad. This is a two-part question.


First, what was it about the ad that ‘fueled” the criticism?

Second, how could this issue have been avoided with a small tweak to the ad (i.e., a minor adjustment, not a complete re-writing of the script)?


  1. The 2013 Superbowl ad “Viva Young’ by Taco Bell has been described as “totally ageist” by some people, while others think the complete opposite. Do you think this ad is ageist? Why or why not?


  1. Imagine you’re working for a company and they are considering using disabled models in their next advertisement. What are Two tips you would give your colleagues on now to “get it right”?


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