College Writing II Synthesis Essay

College Writing II Synthesis Essay 




For this assignment you will be writing a synthesis essay. A synthesis is a combination of two or more summaries and sources. In a synthesis essay you will have three paragraphs, an introduction, a synthesis and a conclusion.


In the introduction you will give background information about your topic. You will also include a thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph. The thesis statement should describe the goal of your synthesis. (informative or argumentative)


The second paragraph is the synthesis. You will combine two summaries of two different articles on the same topic. You will follow all summary guidelines for these two paragraphs. The synthesis will most likely either argue or inform the reader about the topic.


The conclusion paragraph should summarize the points of your essay and restate the general ideas.


For this essay you will read two research articles on a similar topic to the previous critical review essay as you can use this research in your inquiry paper. You will summarize both articles in two paragraphs and combine the paragraphs for your synthesis. In the synthesis you must include the main ideas of the articles and the author, title, and general idea in the first sentences.


This essay will be three pages long and the first draft and peer review are due June 15. You must turn them in hardcopy in class so you can do a peer review.

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