Criminal Justice and Media and analyze it in terms of social construction through the issue’s depictions in the media.

Criminal Justice and Media

Annotated Bibliography

You must identify a topic in criminal justice and media for your paper or project due in Week 7. Regardless of the format you choose, the content must be supported by valid academic research, and that research must be properly cited. In preparation for that assignment, you are to research three websites and two peer-reviewed journal articles or scholarly resources that deal with your chosen topic.

Because the purpose of this assignment is to help you find credible sources for research, look for websites that are academic or based on professional aspects of criminal justice and/or the media. Many websites on the Internet are not credible or reliable sources for college purposes. Wikis, blogs, and other sites that focus on the personal opinion of the website creator are not acceptable.

Evaluate the resources based on the grading rubric. Examples on how to review a website are found in the following:

For information on locating peer-reviewed journals:

This is NOT a research paper so do NOT write it in paper format.  An example is:

Buice, Ed (2007). Navigating the New Media Landscape: The More Things Change, the More They Need to Stay the Same.  The Police Chief 74,12.  Retrieved from

  1. This article is aimed at law enforcement managers and public information officers.  The focus of the article is…
  2. I will use this material to support the following concept(s) in my paper/project…

Visit these APA websites if you need help with APA (American Psychological Association) style when you write your annotated bibliography.

APA Style

OWL – Purdue Online Writing Lab

Citation Machine

Be sure to read the instructions again this week for the Annotated Bibliography.  Model the sample and get an easy A.  But first, be sure to read the instructions for the big assignment due next week so you know what you are supposed to do.

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