PESTLE Political In Japan , Food Base

PESTLE Political In Japan , Food Base

Based on mode of entrance, Japan is a straightforward joint venture. Let’s work on Tokyo, Japan.

With reference to task allocation for PESTLE, we will remain with we have chose for:

*Political* – Ansley (me)

For the Polictical factor, please research on

1.political stability

2. corruption practice index and relationship of singapore and tokyo, japan.

3. Use datas, graphs from website, newspaper and government datas.

4. Try to base everything on FOOD as this is a group assignment and we have yet to choose any company yet

example :

1.5 to 2 pages.

The template for report is Times New Roman, font size 12, single line and 2.5cm border.

Attached the assignment details, IGNORE (*DISCUSSION PAPER 25%) I just need u to do the pestle political for the enviromental analysis report.

Remember only focus on the political part mentioned above and try to base it on food.

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