Tell us about a time when you tried to influence or persuade others and failed


Step 1:

  • Tell us about a time when you tried to influence or persuade others and failed. Which audience appeals did you use or not use? What would you do differently today?

Step 2:

  • Provide feedback on one or more of your classmates’ stories. What do you think about their new approach? Do you have any other suggestions to improve their communication?

Bottom of Form


The topic and information for you provide feedback and suggestion (Step 2)

Hello All,

There was an instance when I tried to convince my then-girlfriend to come to a “guy” event, a boxing match. I explained to her that the event was a couple event, other guys would have their girlfriends there. I told her that we would only stay for a short period of time and find something else nearby, preferably something that she wanted to do. She had not meet my close friends yet and I knew what would really make her want to show up. As the day approached, she had second thoughts about coming to the event. I overheard her on the phone to go meet up with her girlfriends. In intervened by completely ignored her phone call and complimented her so much and how excited I was to show her off.  She came with me to to the event and felt uncomfortable because it was really a “guy” event.  We spent some time talking to one another until I left to play a beer game. She sat on her phone for the day and nodded every once and awhile. We did not last much longer after.

I appealed to her emotions by making her feel extremely important and special. I knew she would be more encouraged to grant my request if I made it worthy. If I had the opportunity to use this strategy again, I definitely would. I would be more wiser in choosing the event.

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